World Constitution and


 Parliament Association


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Statement on Imperialism

The World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) was founded in 1958 by Philip Isely and others in order to establish a world of peace, justice, and freedom for all people on Earth.  These early founders of WCPA understood that World War II was a war amongst imperial nations for hegemony and control of Europe and the world. They wrote the Constitution for the Federation of Earth in order to end the system of militarized imperial nation-states and create a decent, equitable world system for all peoples.


These founders understood that the modern age of militarized nation-states has always been based on imperialism. In the 16th and 17th centuries it was the Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese who ravaged the world in search of colonies and riches. In the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, it has been the British, French, Germans, Russians, and Americans who have dominated the global in competition for markets, cheap resources, slaves and spheres of colonial or neo-colonial control.


Today, many top scholars have identified the structure of this world system as a whole.  It is a system that economically and militarily revolves around a global hegemon, a global center of power that dominates the planet.  Such a center of power may be composed of a militarized coalition of dominating nations, such as NATO.  Yet since World War II, these scholars have often identified Washington, DC, as the major location for this global imperial center.


The work of World System Scholars further divides the remaining countries of the world into groups of nations called “semi-peripheral” and “peripheral” nations. Peripheral nations make up the majority of nations and people on Earth, mostly in the global south.  They are kept in a condition of economic impoverishment, low technology, and relative weakness by the imperial system.  Their function is to supply cheap labor and cheap raw materials to the imperial center and its allies. 


Semi-peripheral nations share some characteristics with both the imperial center nations and the peripheral nations. They are somewhat more developed in technology, infrastructure, and industry. Semi-peripheral nations may aspire to become part of the center. However, like the peripheral nations they are subject to manipulation, subversion, invasion, or overthrow by the security, economic, and military forces of the imperial center. These nations may also themselves occasionally engage in imperialism, invading, manipulating, or overthrowing their weaker neighbors.


The World Constitution and Parliament association recognizes peoples’ need to resist specific acts or systems of imperialism.  However, imperialism is built into the world system.  Historically the imperial center has changed, but the world system remains in place. The only practical way to end imperialism and protect the rights and dignity of all nations and all people on Earth is to transform the world system itself.  The Constitution for the Federation of Earth, and sessions of the Provisional World Parliament, are the best possible ways to address the scourge of imperialism.


We must establish a non-military, democratic Earth Federation that transforms the economy of Earth into one that serves all people equitably, that ends war and militarism among nations, and that protects the human rights and dignity of all peoples everywhere.  It is not enough to be “anti-imperialist.” We can and must demonstrate the alternative.  We must all work in solidarity to ratify the Earth Constitution. This is the only way to transform the imperialistic world system into a world based on freedom, peace, and justice. Please join WCPA—and stand in solidarity for a decent world system for everyone on the Earth.