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MAY 6, 7, and 8, 2005, in Tepotzlan, Mexico

Conducted by Dr. T. P. Amerasinghe (Sri Lanka), Sir Dr. Reinhart Ruge (Mexico), Ms. Eugenia Almand (USA), and Dr. Glen T. Martin (USA)

Focus: The global problems of environmental destruction, militarism, imperialism, terrorism, poverty, and lost of forests, loss of agricultural lands, and loss of fresh water for the Earth. The seminar will focus on the interrelation of these issues and their solution under the democratic world government. It will review the accomplishments of the emerging Earth Federation and ask "where to we go from here?"

Materials: Century Twenty-One - Humanity at the Cross-roads: the Manifesto of the Earth Federation and the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. These and other materials will be supplied in either Spanish or English during the seminar. Both are found at the IOWP website: www.worldproblems.net.

This is not a conference where people give papers on a variety of themes. Naturally questions and comments are very welcome.  In this seminar, we will study the world problems as these are explained in the Manifesto of the Earth Federation (found on this website), the failures of the UN to solve these problems (and why it cannot succeed in addressing them), and how the Constitution for the Federation of Earth (found on this website) is designed to address the entire range of world problems, economic, political, human, and environmental.   We will examine the structure of the Constitution and the accomplishments of the Provisional World Parliament to date.   We will look at the new initiatives now being taken by the World Constitution and Parliament Association.

Seminar participants will receive a certificate of participation

Seminar location: the home of Sir Dr. Reinhart Ruge, Vice-President (IOWP), Tepotzlan.

Phone: 52-739-39-50003. Fax: 52-739-39-51264.

Lodging at the Health Spa of Tepotzlan, about U.S. $30 per night. Reserve lodging by calling Asena or Michael at 52-739-39-53453.

Registration fee: for Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, or other developing countries: 100 Mexican pesos. For the U.S., Canada, Western Europe, or Japan: $50 U.S. dollars. The fee covers materials and coffee breaks for the entire three days. The seminar will run from 9 to 1 and 3 to 6 each day, with coffee break and lunch. Lunches will be cooperatively organized, everyone sharing expenses.

Registration is the same price at the door in Tepotzlan, or pre-register with Dr. Glen T. Martin, IOWP Treasurer, 313 Seventh Ave., Radford VA 24141. gmartin@radford.edu. Fax: 540-831-5919 or with Dr. Reinhart Ruge in Mexico: fax: 52-739-39-51264.

Travel Directions for International guests: Fly to Mexico City International Airport and arrive before 2 p.m. (ground transportation to Tepotzlan is daytime only). From within the airport, after changing money, buy an inexpensive bus ticket to Cuernavaca (the bus runs every 45 minutes). From Cuernavaca, take a taxi to Tepotzlan (about U.S. $10 taxi fare) for lodging at the Health Spa.


The Mexico seminar.   Facing the camera is Dr. T. P. Amerasinghe from Sri Lanka, President of IOWP, to his right (in the blue shirt) is Dr. Reinhart Ruge from Mexico, Vice-President for Governmental Affairs.  Behind is the seminar banner: ""Seminar del Instituto de Estudios en Problemas Mundial"



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