Dear Colleagues and Friends,


We have just completed an Institute on World Problems seminar and strategic planning session from June 26 to 30 here at Raquette Lake, New York.   The meeting included 22 persons, both WCPA officers and many friends of our work for establishing the Earth Federation under the Earth Constitution.


Participants included: Colin Larnerd, Dauji Gupta (from Lucknow), E.P. Menon (from Bangalore), Elaine Webster, Eugenia Almand, Glen T. Martin, Jacob Eck, Jordan Eck, Josiah Eck, Laj Utreja, Laura George, Olivia Parr-Rud, Mike DeVries, Patricia Murphy, Peter Graves-Goodman, Phyllis Turk, Rashni Udyavar (from Mumbai), Riccardoe DiDone (from Montreal), Roger Kotila, Sheri Morgan, and Zaklina Dimovska (from Macedonia).


The interaction was vigorous and dynamic concerning how we should make this Earth Federation under the Earth Constitution a reality.  It so happens that this seminar took place within the context of preparations that are going on for a big “Building a New World” Conference that we are developing to be at Radford University, Virginia, where I teach, May 29-June 1, 2014.   I have attached the conference description above.  If any of you can attend, please do so.  The conference will include cutting edge thinkers and activists from all 11 sectors of the diagram, but the Earth Constitution will certainly be a framework for everything because it alone can embrace and include all these sectors in a truly new world.


Our seminar here at Raquette Lake, NY, resulted in the following decisions and plans:


1.      We will launch the Earth Constitution to the world in a systematic and coordinated way beginning October 1, 2013.

2.      This will include a media blitz involving Facebook, Twitter, Web-sites, email lists, etc.

3.      It will include a new website that will be our central website:  that will focus our work on what is most fundamental and essential: the Earth Constitution, and it will include links to the other websites with brief descriptions of how they are unique. In this way, we will simplify possible confusion between the Provisional World Parliament (PWP), the World Constitution and Parliament Assoc. (WCPA), the Institute on World Problems (IOWP) and the Earth Federation Movement (EFM).  What we are clearly and fundamentally about is the Earth Constitution.  Our central website will be named that, and it will serve as a focus for our media blitz.

4.      We will place an offer for a free download on all our websites that will require a person to register their email address and in this way begin building a mass email list of people with whom we can communicate concerning our work.

5.      We will set up with an email group that helps organizations build mass email lists for mass mailings. We will have the captured email addresses from item 4 above automatically sent to the mass list.  We will begin regularly sending Earth Federation News to this list and plan to attract additional funding through making our work known in this way.

6.      We will work with members of the WCPA Executive Council to coordinate this work worldwide through our many contacts and the different countries that we represent, promoting for Executive Council members a consistent letterhead, a consistent WCPA email address that we can all use, our new logo, etc.

7.      We will set up with an internet organization that raises funds for non-profit groups (such as IOWP) with a good cause and do an intensive fund-raising drive on behalf of the Provisional World Parliament (the 13th session of which is upcoming, as you know, in Lucknow, December 19-21, 2013).

8.      With the funds raised, we hire interns and establish offices to do systematic internet, Facebook, Twitter and other postings promoting the Earth Constitution worldwide and making the people of Earth familiar with this option—which is the one option that can save them and their children from planetary disaster and possible extinction.

9.      Through these interns and offices we will systematically communicate with moral and political leaders worldwide to get them on board for Founding Ratification Convention in the relatively near future.  We will similarly communicate with wealthy persons to become sponsors for this work on behalf of the Earth Constitution.

10.   Our purpose in all this, of course, is what it has always been: to save the Earth and the future of our children through ending war, protecting universal human rights, protecting and restoring the environment, ending poverty in the world, and establishing democracy and freedom for all persons on our planet.


Two more items of news: first, Zaklina Dimovska, our Vice-President and Coordinator for South East Europe, is in the US for three months giving lectures and seminars promoting holism and the Earth Constitution.  After the seminar here at Raquette Lake, she has gone to Miami to work with Peter Graves-Goodman in that area, from there she will go to Atlanta to work with Eugenia Almand and Mike DeVries in that region.  She will also be in Chicago to speak with the Macedonian-American community there, and, finally, will end her US tour giving lectures and seminars at Radford University in Virginia this September.

Second, I have received the Gusi International Peace Prize for this year, along with some 17 other peace activists from regions around the world.  This is sometimes called “the Nobel Prize of Asia,” and I am very pleased to the extent that this will help me promote our global work on behalf of the Earth Constitution.  My wife, Phyllis Turk, and I will be travelling to Manila, Philippines, November 24-30 to receive this prize, which will be awarded in grand ceremonies at that time.  We will be stopping in Malaysia on the way to the Philippines to visit with our dear friend Saraswathy Devi for a couple of days.   If any of you can join us in the Philippines, we would be delighted, but as you know the Parliament is more important, so if travel expenses are limited, you should plan to attend the Parliament in Lucknow first.


I know you are all busy with your local work on behalf of WCPA and the Earth Constitution.  But please look for further communications from us as we systematically develop toward our October 1 launch date.  We need your help and energetic cooperation in coordinating and enhancing WCPA and the Earth Constitution worldwide. 


This is a crucial moment for us.  Let us do all we can to take advantage of these immense opportunities.


For Peace and Humanity,


Glen T.Martin


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