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Sri Lanka Office: 41, Dias Place, Colombo 12, Sri Lanka

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President, Dr. Terence Amerasinghe, Sri Lanka

Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Treasurer, Dr. Glen T. Martin, USA

Vice-President for Governmental Affairs, Dr. Reinhart Ruge, Mexico

Vice-President for Economic Affairs, Dr. J.W. Smith, USA

Executive Director, Ms. Eugenia Almand, Japan

Professor and Trustee,  Dr. Dominique Balouki, Togo

Professor and Trustee,  Dr. Dauji Gupta, India



The Institute On World Problems (IOWP) is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to examining world problems in depth and their possible solutions through the elaboration of world law and eventual integrated solution through democratic world government under a globally adopted Supra-National Federal Constitution, desirably the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. The Institute is also informally known as "IOWP."

By "world problems" we mean the entire range of global environmental problems, the problem of global population expansion, the problem of global militarism and terrorism, the problems of global poverty, social chaos, and lawlessness, and the problem of human rights abuses. The IOWP studies these and related problems in depth in an effort to understand their inter-relatedness and in what ways they can be addressed through the elaboration of world law.

In addition, the IOWP encourages the enhancement of world communication among cultures, nations, and individuals through networking among similar-minded global organizations, translations of important documents, encouragement of multi-linguistic competence, encouragement of literacy in Esperanto, and the teaching of English, Spanish, or other second languages.

Specific functions of the Institute

a) To prepare and conduct courses of information, education, and training for all personnel planning to be in the service of democratic world government or the preliminary organizations functioning to elaborate the basis of future world law. The purpose of this education and training is that all persons in the service of world law and eventual world government have a better understanding of the functions, structure, procedures and inter-relationships of the parts of functioning and necessary organs of functioning world government in the light of the global problems that need to be solved if humankind is to have a viable future on planet Earth.

b) To prepare and conduct courses of information, education, and training in parliamentary procedures, in how to write effective, comprehensible legislation, in democratic procedures, and public accountability.

c) To prepare and conduct courses of information, education, and training on new ideas and developments in all areas of world problems. To serve as a conduit for the latest developments, ideas, and issues as these are produced by scholars and scientists working on these issues. To communicate these developments to those personnel planning to be in the service of democratic world government and to those who may be developing legislation for world parliament or future world agencies.

d) To provide training in English as a second language, Esperanto, Spanish, or other multi-linguistic competencies.

e) To sponsor or promote meetings of world citizens, or provisional parliaments, as occasions arise, whose purpose it is to promote world law or the development of democratic world government under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

f) To bring in qualified persons from private and public universities, colleges, research, and action organizations of many countries, as well as other qualified persons, to lecture and to be resource persons for the courses and seminars organized by the IOWP.

g) To contract with private or public universities and colleges or other agencies to conduct courses and seminars for the Institute.

h) To serve as a center of information and education concerning the activities in the area of world problems and efforts to develop world law and democratic world government as these are happening among many organizations and movements worldwide. To facilitate cooperation and communication among these many organizations and movements.

Inquiries should be directed to the Institute On World Problems

Dr. Terence Amerasinghe, President, 41 Dias Place, Colombo 12, Sri Lanka

Fax/phone: 94-1345-483.

Dr. Glen T. Martin, Treasurer, 313 Seventh Ave., Radford, VA 24141, USA

Email:      Fax: 540-831-5919.


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