JUNE 7-8, 2007




Thursday, June 7

09.00 a.m.       Introduction to the work of the Institute on World Problems and the World      Constitution and Parliament Association Dr. T. P. Amerasinghe (30 min.)

09.30 a.m.       The endangered future of our planet and humankind Dr. Glen Martin

                        Video: The Isle of Flowers (11 minutes)

09.45 a.m.       Global crises that threaten our future:  nuclear war, global warming, exhaustion of resources, global pollution, massive poverty, the spread of diseases, overpopulation, human rights violations, militarism, war, and terrorism, emerging global tyranny under a superpower. - Dr. Glen Martin (45 minutes)    

10.30 a.m.      Coffee Break

10.50 a.m.       Our Common Enemy: Video on Global Warming (20 minutes) Dr. Glen Martin

                      Climate Change Mr. Nalin Jayasuriya (30 min.)

11.40 a.m.        Examination of our global crises: Their interdependence and root causes. (20  minutes) Dr. Glen Martin

12.00 p.m.       The possibility of a transformed future for the Earth and for humanity (20 minutes) - Dr. Glen Martin

12.20 p.m.       Question and Answer

12.35 p.m.      Lunch

01.30 p.m.       Xenotransplantation the ethical and legal concerns - Dr. C. G. Weeramantry, Former Vice president International Court of Justice)

02.15 p.m.       The solution to our endangered future under the Earth Constitution.

                        A World Parliament and World Democracy Dr. Glen Martin  (35 minutes)

02.50 p.m.       A just and free economic order Dr. Glen Martin (20 minutes)

03.10 p.m.       Question & Answers

03.30 p.m.       Coffee Break

03.45 p.m.     World Chief Justices Conference and the Constitution for the Federation of Earth

                      - Dr. Preeti Shankar (15 min)

04.00 p.m.     Next Provisional World Parliament. Why in Togo? Why in West Africa?

                     - Dr. T. P. Amerasinghe  (20 min.)

04. 20 p.m.     Question and answer

05.00 p.m.     End of Session


Friday, June 8

09:00 a.m.     The genuine possibility of freedom, peace, equality, and prosperity for all nations and people.

                  The road map forward for immediate results (Articles 17 and 19 of the Earth Constitution) (60 minutes) - Dr. Glen Martin

10.00 a.m.     Questions & Answers

10:15 a.m.     Coffee Break

10.35 a.m.     The World Student Movement and the coming world revelation through world law 

                        - Dr. Sarwar Alam (30 min.)

11:05 a.m.     The Work of the Provisional World Parliament and Provisional World     Government - How each of us can contribute to a new world order (45 minutes)

                    - Dr. Glen Martin.

11.50 a.m.       Questions & Answers

12.15 p.m.     Summary and Conclusion Dr. T. P Amerasinghe (30 minutes)

12.45 p.m.     Awarding of Certificates & conclusion of the seminar




Sarwar Alam, Youth Coordinator for WCPA, myself, and Nalin Jayasuriya, at one of the fine restaurants that Nalin took us to as our generous host in Sri Lanka.  

(Photos outdoors in downtown Colombo are discouraged because the military is everywhere, ostensibly to guard against possible terrorist attacks.  Hence, there are no photos here of the beach, the outside of these fine hotels, or the area of our seminar.)




Judge Weeramantry, former President of the World Court in the Hague, was a guest speaker at the seminar.




Focusing on world problems and their solution under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.




We watched videos, DVDs, slides and other media to dramatize the key points.




Some seminar participants with myself and Judge Weeramantry.



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