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1.  Newsletter Fall 2005

2. Newsletter Winter 2006-7




   A Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair@




Newsletter Fall 2005


IOWP Seminars Have Dramatic Impact

Dr. Reinhart Ruge, IOWP Vice-President and WCPA Honorary President, and his daughter Tiahoga Ruge, hosted an IOWP seminar in Tepotzlan, Mexico in May of this year. There were a number of environmental and social leaders from Mexico present as well as Germain Dafour, a leader in world government from Canada. Since the participants were very advanced in their understanding of global problems and crises, the seminar was structured as a discussion group about how to address the endangered future of humankind on Earth.  Dr. T. P. Amerasinghe, IOWP/WCPA President, wears the suit and red tie in the photo of the Mexico Seminar below.

From Mexico, Dr. Amerasinghe, traveled to Ulan Baatar, the capital of Mongolia where he had been invited to address the opening of the Conference on Asian Unity held in giant tents as is the style in Mongolia. His address emphasized that Asian unity will be useless without world unity under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. This theme was echoed by many subsequent speakers at the conference.

For a number of years, IOWP and WCPA have worked closely with the Universal Love and Brotherhood Association, an organization originating with the Oomoto religion in Japan, having offices in many countries of the world. ULBA works for world unity and democratic world government in ways closely related to our own goals. Dr. Amerasinghe is the President of the Sri Lanka branch of ULBA. ULBA leaders were major participants in the Mongolia meetings, making world unity an important theme of the conference.

From Mongolia, Dr. Amerasinghe traveled to Gulu, Uganda, where he spent several weeks instructing teachers in the rapid method of teaching English as a second language. In Uganda, he renewed several important contacts on behalf of our work and instructed the USA office to follow up in Uganda.

In August, Eugenia Almand, Executive Director of IOWP and Deputy Secretary General of WCPA, joined Dr. Amerasinghe for two very successful seminars and a WCPA Chapter meeting in India.    The Chapter meeting took place in Delhi, the capital of India and the location of the Second Session of the Provisional World Parliament in 1985. A chapter in Delhi is very important since the India Parliament meets there and has real potential for eventually affirming India= s role in the creation of democratic world government.

From Delhi, Amerasinghe and Almand traveled by train north and east to Lucknow where the Eighth Session of the Provisional World Parliament was held in August 2004 and where we have many friends in the City Montessori School of Lucknow. The Founder/Manager of CMS, Sri Jagdish Gandhi, is a recognized world leader in peace education and a tireless worker on behalf of democratic world government. The IOWP seminar on A World Peace and Unity@ was attended by the Kampur Road Degree College students. The seminar was energetic and exciting for all the participants.

Finally, Dr. Amerasinghe and Eugenia Almand flew south to Chennai on the southeast coast of India. The Director of the Chennai Branch of WCPA is Dr. Ramanuja Ananthanaryanan, an energetic and devoted worker on behalf of our movement whose motto is A Rest in the next.@ Mr. A, as we affectionately call him, had made excellent arrangements for an IOWP seminar in the nearby city of Erode with some 250 participants from the Erode Engineering College. The participants were very enthusiastic concerning the work of the IOWP on behalf of the Earth Constitution and a new world order.

After the Chennai IOWP seminar, Dr. Amerasinghe returned to his native country, Sri Lanka, where he directs the offices at 41 Dias Place in the capital city of Colombo. IOWP and its predecessor, the Graduate School of World Problems, along with the WCPA, has been at these offices for many years. Dr. Amerasinghe= s distinguished career on behalf of the Earth Constitution goes back long before he organized the third session of the World Constituent Assembly at the historic Rannmuthu Hotel in Colombo in 1979.

Executive Director to Work from Japan

Eugenia Almand flew from Chennai to Japan where she will work for democratic world government from the Kameoka offices of ULBA for at least the next year. Almand, who speaks English, French, and Spanish, has been studying the widely known artificial language Esperanto along with Japanese for some six months now. The ULBA officers at the Oomoto headquarters in Kameoka have several staff members dedicated to the promotion of Esperanto worldwide. Many Oomoto people speak Esperanto, including the 5th Spiritual Leader of Oomoto, Ms. Kuranai Deguchi.

Eugenia Almand will soon be fluent in Esperanto and Japanese and will be able to promote the work of IOWP and WCPA through these important languages. The Japanese have a strong world federalist movement and a fairly widespread interest in Esperanto. By working with people having these interests, Ms. Almand should be able to make a substantial contribution to our movement during the coming year.

WCPA Secretary-General, Glen T. Martin, was in Japan for ten days in January 2005 as guest of the Oomoto religion. He gave a two day IOWP seminar on the Constitution to Oomoto, ULBA, and World Federalist Leaders and was taken by his Japanese hosts overnight to Hiroshima. There he understood, even more directly than before, the horror of nuclear weapons and why these must be abolished from the world through democratic world government. He also understood why the Japanese World Federalist Movement is so strong. They understand directly why we need the rule of enforceable democratically legislated world law that abolishes all war and all WMDs.

Provisional World Parliament to Meet

IOWP/WCPA efforts now are concentrated on preparations for the Ninth Session of the Provisional World Parliament in Libya, February 25 to March 3, 2006. This will be a truly historic event, the first session ever in Africa and a giant step closer to the creation of a real Parliament of the Federation of Earth under the Constitution.

Dr. Martin was in Libya September 16-20th making final arrangements for the Parliament with Libyan leaders. The Libyans will cover room, board, and internal transportation for up to 100 delegates to the Parliament. Many citizens from around the world have already registered. The agenda of the Parliament will be posted on IOWP/WCPA web sites, including pending resolutions and provisional world legislation as these are developed.

New IOWP-IED Books

Glen T. Martin= s new book, World Revolution Through World Law - Basic Documents of the Emerging Earth Federation, will be available through the Institute for Economic Democracy Press beginning in November. It is published in cooperation with the Institute On World Problems.   The book includes the Declaration of the Rights of People to Create World Government, the Manifesto of the Earth Federation, the Earth Constitution and the Pledge of Allegiance. It also includes an introduction and extensive commentary by Martin as well as essays by T. P. Amerasinghe, Eugenia Almand, and Professor Errol E. Harris.

Errol E. Harris= powerful new book, Earth Federation Now! Tomorrow is Too Late, is also now available from IED Press in cooperation with IOWP. It presents a sustained, reasoned argument for world government and includes the Constitution as an appendix.   Professor Harris' book also includes specific steps that people can take in the here and now to bring about this great advance in human civilization.




Newsletter Winter 2006-7


A Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair@


Executive Director Moves to Greece

Eugenia Almand, Executive Director of IOWP, has completed her year long stay in Japan where she worked on behalf of IOWP and WCPA for the International Department of the Oomoto Religion in Kameoka. While in Japan, Eugenia participated in several world federalist gatherings, supervised the updating of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth in Japanese, attained considerable facility in Japanese and polished her fluency in Esperanto.

The International Department forms a separate organization in Oomoto known as Jinrui Aizenkai or The Universal Love and Brotherhood Association. The Institute On World Problems has worked closely with Jinrui Aizenkai for many years. For example, soon after the terrible tsunami that devastated shorelines around the Bay of Bengal, IOWP President and Vice-President, Dr. Terence Amerasinghe and Dr. Glen T. Martin, toured the coast-line of Sri Lanka to assess the damage and prepare a plan of action to submit to Jinrui Aizenkai to assist in the recovery.



Amerasinghe and Martin inspecting tsunami damage for IOWP and the Universal Love and Brotherhood Assoc.


Dr. Amerasinghe and Eugenia Almand attended the Global Symposium and concurrent Seventh International Conference of Chief Justices that took place in Lucknow, India, in early December 2006. Both events are sponsored by Shri Jagdish Gandhi and the 31,000 children of the City Montessori School of Lucknow, of which he is Founder-Manager. IOWP has participated in these conferences since their inception because they are an important part of the effort to create a democratic world parliament. In the past several years, the IOWP has also twice given IOWP Seminars on World Problems in Lucknow, hosted by CMS and Shri Jagdish Gandhi.

From Lucknow, Eugenia continued on to Kalamata, Greece, where she took up residence in the Ensophion-New Humanity Center overlooking the beautiful bay of Kalamata. In cooperation with Hari Homaro Vacal, Director and Founder of the Center, the IOWP hopes to activate the work of the Center for "one world, one humanity, and one democratic world parliament."


Coming IOWP Seminar in Kalamata, Greece

Enclosed with this Newsletter is a flyer for the seminar. We encourage all supporters of IOWP to attend, if possible. The tour arranged for March 16, after the seminar, is very impressive and well worth the trip to Greece. The Ensophion needs some repairs and its communications systems need upgrading in order to make it a significant European center for our work. If any of you would like to make contributions earmarked to this project, we will greatly appreciate this.

The Ensophion has a very impressive library that has brought together the great spiritual writings of humankind along with the writings on behalf of a democratic and just world order. It has a number of copies of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth in a variety of languages. The lower floor of this magnificent round building (designed by Hari Homaro Vacal himself) includes not only the library but several dorm rooms and a kitchen. Participants in the seminar will be able to lodge in these dorm rooms or, for those who prefer more elegant and private accommodations, in the very nice hotel at the foot of the road, easy walking distance from the Ensophion.

Eugenia is also webmistress of the IOWP web site and will soon be updating and upgrading the site. She was unable to do this from Japan due to the internet communications problems from Japan.


Coming IOWP Permaculture Projects

In cooperation with IOWP Trustee, Dr. Dominique Balouki in Togo, and other NGO’s, IOWP has begun developing Permaculture Projects for Africa. The first projects will likely be developed in Togo, Ghana, and Cameroon.

Permaculture projects entail the development of agricultural, water, sanitation, and housing systems that integrate human communities into the ecological realities of a region. Such development can restore degraded ecosystems, create sustainable farms, healthy communities, and economic systems that are productive and friendly to the Earth. This kind of sustainable development helps provide an ethical and integrated basis for a humane culture and the welfare of future generations.

Relatively small IOWP permaculture development projects at the local level can have significant influence and impact on much larger frameworks. Modest permaculture projects educate and influence entire regions on many levels.

The IOWP will also use these as centers for education.

We have begun this effort in cooperation with the Institute for Economic Democracy, a related organization that has published the IOWP sponsored volume, World Revolution Through World Law, edited by Dr. Glen Martin. We have contact with permaculture experts, including Dr. Balouki, who has written two books on this subject. When Glen Martin was in Togo last June (2006), he and Dr. Balouki visited many communities and received the names of many Togo persons and organizations interested in participating in these projects. The Mayor of the city of Kara even gave the IOWP 2.5 hectares of agricultural land on which to begin the project in Kara.

Funding: Our impasse at the moment is funding. Being a relatively new and small organization, IOWP does not have funds to initiate these projects (that will rapidly become self-sustaining once begun). We are looking for an experienced grant writer who can write grants to acquire the funding for these permaculture projects. We have the land in Togo, a person who knows about permaculture (Dr. Balouki) and support from people willing to work in these projects, as well as contacts with a group of international activists working on this for several countries in Africa.

IOWP also needs a fundraiser for the Institute itself. We have had three such persons, Nicklan Jones-Lezema, Stephen Heller, and Chris Carter, each of whom volunteered for this work and were enthusiastic about the mission of the Institute. Tragedy struck both Nicklan and Stephen who each died young and unexpectedly (both were in their 40s). Our most recent volunteer fundraiser, Chris, recently had a beautiful baby girl and is now entirely occupied between her full-time job at Radford University and taking care of a new baby. Of course, the Trustees of the Institute are all on the look-out for a grant writer and/or fundraiser for the Institute.

Dr. Balouki inspects land given by the Mayor of Kara


New Book by Glen T. Martin

Glen Martin has recently completed a new book that will be published by the Institute for Economic Democracy in cooperation with the Institute On World Problems. The title of the book is Ascent to Freedom: The Philosophical Foundations of Democratic World Law. Just as the IOWP will be using his 2005 book, World Revolution Through World Law, as the textbook for the IOWP seminar in Kalmata, Greece, in March, so this new book may prove to be a valuable educational resource for the Institute in the future. The Table of Contents for the book is as follows:

World Revolution Through World Law:  Contents

1. Introduction: Planetary Maturity

2. A Paradigm Shift from Human Nature to Human Possibilities

3. Emergent Evolutionism and Scientific Holism

4. From Ancient Thought to the Renaissance

5. Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau

6. Kant, Hegel, and Marx

7. Twentieth-Century Morality, Law, and Human Rights

8. Jürgen Habermas

9. The Democratic Foundations for World Law

10. The Legitimacy of Law in Nation-States

11. The Promise and Necessity of World Law

12. Conclusion: Twenty-first Century Ascent to Freedom

Appendix: The Constitution for the Federation of Earth


We expect the book to be out in spring of 2007.


On behalf of all the trustee-voluntary workers in the Institute On World Problems: May you all have a peaceful and blessed New Year!!


Eugenia Almand,                       Terence Amerasinghe,                      Dominique Balouki,           

       Dauji Gupta,               Glen Martin,                Reinhart Ruge,            and J.W. Smith




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