Kalamata, Greece,  March 13-16, 2004

 Come Study with the

Institute On

World Problems




At the


New Humanity Centre

Kalamata, Greece

Tuesday through Friday

13th - 16th March, 2007


Program features

   This three-day seminar of the Institute on World Problems will provide a full overview of the problems facing humanity, as well as constructive steps that can be taken within the context of the emerging global society and Earth Federation

Learned and experienced lecturers will inform the participants regarding the world problems and their relation to world federal history. Students will examine the structure of Provisional Earth Federation including both constitutional and legislative aspects. Students will build on practical projects to strengthen their own leadership skills within the emerging non-military world government.

  The four-day program includes board & lodging, study materials, and a graduation certificate, including academic credit within the World University System. On Friday, there will be excursions to the ancient Peloponnese Ithomi Mavromati ruins and to the famous Diros Cave.


Credentialed Instructors

  • Dr. Terence P. Amerasinghe, PhD, DEd., JD, International Lawyer (Sri Lanka)

  • Dr. Glen T. Martin, PhD, Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies  (United States)

  • Dr. Eugenia Almand, MA, JD,  Computer Educator, ESL Instructor, Legislative Counsellor (United States)


Program Qualifications

for Students

  • Fluent literacy in English

  • Must be interested in world affairs, and able to document the interest,

  • Must be prepared to work for democratic, non-military world federation.

 For Admissions Application Form, please send your name, address and a fax number where you can be reached.


Ensophion New Humanity Centre

100 Eleonon Road, Akroyali Avias

Kalamata 24100 GREECE

Phone/fax 30-721-58172






Purpose of the

Program of study

  A fundamental purpose of the Institute on World Problems is to study world problems from within the context or paradigm of emerging non-military, democratic world government, as defined in the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. Other primary goals are to prepare students for implementing World Legislation enacted by the provisional World Parliament, and for preparing the personnel for all ministries and agencies for the Earth Federation.

World Problems

   World problems are problems that transcend national boundaries, and require that solutions be worked out and implemented on a global or supra-national basis by a world legislature and a world government, either entirely or in part, or in collaboration as needed with national and local governments. Almost all world problems overlap, are related to other world problems, and require inter-related solutions.

  Inter-related world problems that will be examined include, but are not limited to the following:

International debt and oppressed world development; Transition to an equitable world economic order;

Rapid increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which results in cataclysmic climatic changes;

Armaments of mass destruction;

Pressure of population on resources;

Gender inequity; Pesticides;

Genetically modified organisms;

AIDS and other communicable diseases; Drug addiction;

Regulation of corporations;

Violations and protections of human rights; and problems of ethnic, religious, racial and political intolerances.







About the

Ensophion New Humanity Centre

Kalamata, Greece

Come Study in Kalamata!

The Ensophion New Humanity Centre is a new world education centre for universal, humane and spiritual values. The Ensophion upholds and teaches Earth Federation administration and democratic, one world government citizenship.

The Centre promotes the Constitution for the Federation of Earth under the leadership of the Institute On World Problems and the World Constitution & Parliament Association. The Centre also serves as the headquarters for the standing commissions of the provisional World Parliament.

Nestled within a mature organic grove of 150 olive trees, the Ensophion is an excellent venue for learning & meditation. Retreat functions for up to 50 persons may be arranged upon request.


Mr. Hari Homaro Vacal,                                                                  

Centre Founder and Mentor Coordinator                                           





Institute On World Problems

Dr. Terence P. Amerasinghe, President

Dr. Glen T. Martin, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Treasurer

Dr. Eugenia Almand, Executive Director

313 7th Avenue, Radford, VA 24141 USA           fax 1-540-831-5919          

41, Dias Place                            Colombo 12, SRI LANKA                    Fax/phone: 94-1-12-345483



The Ensophion will house 10 people easily in its downstairs bedrooms and nearby guest rooms





Evening looking West







Dancing in a Kalamata restaurant





Some seminar participants at a Kalamata restaurant (around the table from left): Eugenia Almand (resident at the Ensophion), Ioanna Kokali (Athens), Terence Amerasinge (Sri Lanka), Kamal Murthukuda (Sri Lanka), and Nalin Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka).




The local mountains through the windows of the Ensophion






Some seminar participants touring ancient Messini.  With me are Ioanna Kokali (Athens), Dr. Dauji Gupta (India), Dr. Terence Amerasinghe (Sri Lanka), and Sarwar Alam (Bangladesh and Canada).





Coastline near the Ensophion


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It is pictured here at evening with the Bay of Kalamata beyond.







With Preeti Shankar (from India) and Eugenia Almand celebrating the J.D. degree awarded to Eugenia by the Institute







Degree Awarding ceremony with Dr. Amerasinghe and myself having signed the degree certificate






An apartment hotel near the beach were some participants stayed who chose not to stay at the Ensophion






Awarding a World Peace Award to Hari Homaro Vacal






Coastline near the Ensophion


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