Honorary Affiliations and Awards


Recipient of the International Gusi Peace Prize, Philippines,

Nov. 2013

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Acceptance Speech


In these annual ceremonies in the Philippines, 17 people representing cultures and nations and dedicated peace work from around the world will be receiving this year's prize.  This prestigious prize is sometimes called "the Nobel Prize of Asia."

At GUSI Peace Prize Ceremonies




Invited membership on the Board of the Oracle Institute

February 2015


Invited membership on the Steering Scientific Committee of the World Philosophical Forum

November 2014


Prince of Asterias

World Peace Award, 2013


Invited membership in the International Advisory Council of Acme Intellects, 2013


Elected President of WCPA by unanimous vote of the Executive Council

January 2012




Lighthouse of the

World Award

for leadership in world peace

To Dr. Glen T. Martin

Awarded by

WCPA (Asia Wing) and

 Bharat Vikas Parishad

on the occasion of

"Global Challenges to Peace" program

Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu, India

21 June 2011





World Peace Award


Professor Dr. Glen T. Martin

Secretary-General, World Constitution and Parliament Association


Based on his excellence in the field of Peace Propagation

and in recognition of services rendered to mankind


30 March 2008


Office of the World Peace Envoy

Bangkok, Thailand

Dr. Phichai Tovivich, President


    At the Bangkok ceremonies (from left): Dr. Glen T. Martin, Dr. Kristan Morrison (Professor, School of Education,  Radford University), Prof. R. Ananthanarayanan (Director, Asia Offices of WCPA), Dr. Phichai Tovivich (President, Office of the World Peace Envoy, Thailand), Mr. P.A. Anandakumar (Founder- President, West Minority Charitable Trust, India) Mr. Ankai. Sivan (Vice-President, West Minority Charitable Trust, India).





International Society for Intercultural Study and Research




Dr. Glen T. Martin

For a lifelong journey and commitment on the road to world peace

9 January 2005

Kolkata, West Bengal, India


Acceptance speech: Kolkata 2005








Global Advisory Board



February 2010


We are a network of scholars, both researchers and practitioners, dedicated to ending cycles of humiliation throughout the world. We believe that by eliminating these harmful cycles, a space is opened for mutual respect and esteem to take root and grow, thereby leading to the resolution of previously intractable conflicts. We believe that both global sustainability of social cohesion and ecological survival require a mindset of connection and a spirit of shared humility - and not a mindset of humiliation.









May 2008


The Advisory Board



Vision of the World Prout Assembly

The vision of World Prout Assembly is for activists in all countries fighting for justice in all spheres of life to come together to form one universal coalition, in order to mobilize moralists for creating global change. By providing solidarity and support to all local, anti-exploitation struggles, the World Prout Assembly envisions the mobilization of humanity to end the economic hegemony of the transnational corporations and the political hegemony of any present or future superpowers.





Universal Peace Ambassador

le 26 Mai 2006

Dr. Glen T. Martin

The Worldwide Council of the Universal Ambassador Peace Circle
is happy to to announce to you are have accepted the nomination for the Title of :
Universal Peace Ambassador,
in the framework of the Universal Ambassador Peace Circle .

* All those who work for Peace form a same Spirit, a same Soul,
a same Heart , a Same Body, a same Universal Peace Family *
(Universal Ambassador Peace Family )

We are Happy to to announce that you have been nominated
and accepted for the title of :
Universal Peace Ambassador
in the framework of the Universal Ambassador Peace Circle .

We send our warmest wishes.

In all Universal Brotherhood of Peace

Jean Paul NOUCHI
President Founder
Universal Ambassador Peace Circle
& Universal Peace Embassy

CP 417 1211 Geneve 19 Suisse







A Press Action Hero of the Year Award



Dr. Glen T. Martin

PRESS ACTION Independent Press





Membership in Advisory Board of ISISAR

From 2002




The Office of the World Peace Envoy

Devotion to Peace Award


Professor Dr. Glen T. Martin


Dr. Suchart Kosolkitiwong (S. Ariyawanso)

World Peace Envoy

Inter-religious Peace Park, South Thailand

28 March 2003





Nomination 2002

Dr. Glen T. Martin


Mahatma Gandhi International Peace Prize


Awarded annually by the government of India to those whose lives exhibit a total commitment to peace





International Institute for Sustainable Future

Global Futures Network

(A United Nations Affiliate)

Special Certificate of Honor


Dr. Glen T. Martin

In recognition of his outstanding contribution to

the cause of freedom and justice


Mumbai, India,  3 January 2002

Mumbai ceremonial group conferring this award.





Appointment to Membership

International Board of Advisors

Radio for Peace International

Independent, worldwide, peace journalism


Dr. Glen T. Martin

Cuidad, Colon, Costa Rica, 3 January 2002


My daughter Rebekah is the child on the left in front of the Costa Rica building of RFPI





Appointment to Membership

International Board of Advisors

New Humanity Center

Dedicated to the spiritual and political unity of humankind


Dr. Glen T. Martin

Kalamata, Greece,  20 November 2000


Ensophion, New Humanity Center




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