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  Peace marchers in India demanding a World Parliament                                                                                  



The World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA)

 The World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) was founded in 1958 by Philip and Margaret Isely from the U.S. who understood that the world has no future unless it is democratically governed, peaceful, environmentally sustainable and just.  They were joined by Dr. Reinhart Ruge from Mexico and Dr. Terence Amerasinghe from Sri Lanka, and world citizens from many countries, in a movement to write a democratic, non-military Constitution for the Federation of Earth.



The Constitution for the Federation of Earth

Together with thousands of world citizens from many countries they organized four global constituent assemblies in Interlaken, Switzerland (1968), Innsbruck, Austria (1977), Colombo, Sri Lanka (1979), and Troia, Portugal (1991).  The result of the work of these thousands of world citizens and international legal experts was to write the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.   Since 1991, the Constitution has been considered as a finished document available to humanity for ratification and inauguration of a peaceful, just, environmentally sustainable and free world system.


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The Tenth Session of the Provisional World Parliament taking place in the huge, government-owned

Convention Center in Kara, Togo




Some delegates from the 11th session of the Parliament holding up copies of the Earth Constitution under whose authority they are meeting.

Dr. Glen T. Martin wrote this introduction and commentary for the Earth Constitution.  It is available from IED Press (www.iedpress.com),  Amazon.com, and Barnes & Noble.com. The Constitution itself is also on-line in many places.
This Constitution is our blueprint for a sustainable, just, and peaceful world civilization.

Some delegates full of excitement
                              at the 13th session:

Two scenes involving the Twelfth Session of the Parliament in Kolkata, India.
Parliament delegates were part of a great peace march through the city. 

The Earth Federation Movement

The Earth Federation Movement (EFM) is the social movement of all the NGOs, governments, individuals, and groups that support ratification of the Earth Constitution.  Under Article 19 of the Earth Constitution, the people of Earth are mandated to start the democratic world government here and now.  There is no need to wait for the warring crazies, imperialist maniacs, political criminals, and corrupt bankers who now run most nation-states to decide to stop destroying the Earth. Under the authority of the Earth Constitution, the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) has created and developed the Provisional World Parliament (PWP), beginning with its first session at the famed Royal Pavilion in Brighton, England in 1982.  13 sessions of the Parliament have been held to date in various locations around the world, drawing citizens internationally to take charge of our own future as human beings and begin democratically governing ourselves.

The Provisional World Parliament

The Parliament operates under the authority of Article 19 of the Earth Constitution. It has passed to date some 61 World Legislative Acts (in conformity with the Earth Constitution) that model, outline, and enable the decent future for humanity. WCPA also transformed the early Graduate School of World Problems into the Institute on World Problems (IOWP), which is a non-profit, tax deductible educational organization that works with WCPA and the Provisional World Parliament to study the interrelation of world problems and their coherent, integrated solutions under the Earth Constitution.  The texts of these 61 world legislative acts, and many resolutions from various sessions of the Parliament, are posted on the IOWP website.


Ninth Session of the Parliament in Tripoli, Libya.

 In the foreground is a children's delegation making a presentation before the Parliament.



The Institute on World Problems (IOWP) website:  www.worldproblems.net

The Earth Federation News and Views website: 


Earth Federation Leaders website:



Protect our Planet website:  www.protectplanet.webs.com

Chief Justices from many countries around the world call for a World Parliament in Lucknow, India 


Earth Constitution

Realizing that Humanity today has come to a turning point in history and that we are on the threshold of an new world order which promises to usher in an era of peace, prosperity, justice and harmony;
.Aware of the interdependence of people, nations and all life;
Aware that man's abuse of science and technology has brought Humanity to the brink of disaster through the production of horrendous weaponry of mass destruction and to the brink of ecological and social catastrophe;
Aware that the traditional concept of security through military defense is a total illusion both for the present and for the future;
Aware of the misery and conflicts caused by ever increasing disparity between rich and poor;
Conscious of our obligation to posterity to save Humanity from imminent and total annihilation;
Conscious that Humanity is One despite the existence of diverse nations, races, creeds, ideologies and cultures and that the principle of unity in diversity is the basis for a new age when war shall be outlawed and peace prevail; when the earth's total resources shall be equitably used for human welfare; and when basic human rights and responsibilities shall be shared by all without discrimination;
Conscious of the inescapable reality that the greatest hope for the survival of life on earth is the establishment of a democratic world government;
We citizens of the world, hereby resolve to establish a world federation to be governed in accordance with this Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

It is time for every citizen of our precious Earth
pledge allegiance to this democratic, non-military
World Parliament and
Earth Constitution.

This social contract for the people of Earth, joins us all together in unity and diversity, democratic freedom, and environmental sustainability.

Love it!   Support it!   Make it happen!

Be part of the Earth Federation Movement!


The Earth Constitution:

dawn of a new world of
peace, justice, and freedom!

Live today for a real future for the
Earth and our children!