A Cuban friend (Meky) poses with our waiter in Havana's Chinatown




        Cubans stilt walking in Old Havana




         At a restaurant near the Malecon in Havana




   Riding the train east towards Camaguey, Guantanamo and Santiago de Cuba



The garden of a convent in Camaguey with a traditional giant earthen jug that once held rainwater for Camaguey citizens



Children about to swim in a stream in the Guantanamo countryside



I don't recall where this was taken, I believe Matanzas when I attended the Che Guevara Conference there



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                A typical street in Old Havana




                   Ships in Havana Harbor




      Cuban auto models seem to get older each year




    The broad pedestrian walkway through Old Havana


       The annual festival in Camaguey begins



    The annual festival in Camaguey


             A street in Camaguey



At a Cuban fast-food where they also serve beer.  My Cuban friends here could drink me under the table as one can see from the number of cans on the table