A Roman Catholic Cathedral in Havana



A crypt in the Santeria Church in Old Havana where I attended the service



In a synagogue in Havana.  The woman in the photo who showed me their beautiful meeting place is the head of this synagogue



The giant statue of Cristos overlooking the entrance to Havana harbor




My faculty colleagues at the University of Havana dancing at Philosophers' Conference dance party



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A ceremony in the Episcopal Cathedral of Havana



Full view of the sanctuary of the Episcopal Cathedral



Here I am meeting with the Assembly of Bah'ai in Havana



The wall mural in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Baptist Church of Havana.  The pastor there is also a member of the Cuban National Assembly of People's Power.  The mural speaks of the Pastor's for Peace caravans that regularly come bringing supplies from the U.S.




A Roman Catholic religious sanctuary in Camaguey



When visiting friends I often sport my University of Havana tee shirt




A birthday party in Havana for the boy in the black shirt in the center of the photo