Photos of Cuidad Colon and some of our study abroad friends in Costa Rica:

Cuida Colon is a city about the size of Radford, Virginia,
where the home stays for the RU Maymester
Study Abroad in Costa Rica take place.

Melba Hernandez, our home stay coordinator, knows many people around Cuidad Colon.

Melba's house, where we meet many mornings before taking off on our adventures.  Melba is a wonderful hostess for us.

Still the occasional horse in Cuidad Colon

This is Melba's street.  Many side streets look like this one.

Anna Orozco, our Study Abroad organizer in Costa Rica, has many contacts and a wonderful knowledge about her country.

The park near city center which has an open air market every Saturday.

The Catholic Church, near the center of town, on Main Street

As you walk around town, the hills and mountains are everywhere in the background.

Just off main street, are side streets like this one and the ones below.

The 2009 Study Abroad class in one of the many spectacular outdoor restaurants of Costa Rica.  To the right is Jose Antonio, our driver and guide, who is intimately familiar with the geography and culture of his country.

Another view of Main Street

The mountain in the distance is Vulcan Poas, one of the many volcanoes of Costa Rica

Roxanna Vega, a Spanish-English teacher fluent in both languages, is the wife of our driver Jose Antonio.  She does a wonderful job teaching us about Costa Rican culture, values, and people.

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