Altimira, Bilboa, Burgos, Valley of the Fallen, and Madrid

March 2015

The cathedral at the center of the old town in Santillana del Mar near the famous
 Neolithic caves at Altimara.   We stayed in the very old home of a former
Count of the area.  The surrounding streets all remain cobblestone.

Before heading for Bilboa we visited the archeological site at Altimira

Altimira demonstrated very well what is shown in this painting at the museum
next to the Neolithic caves there: that human beings originated in Africa.

Part of the exterior of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilboa

A view of the Interior of the Guggenheim.

The Guggenheim's famous dog made of flowers, with Phyllis

The entrance to our hotel in Burgos, formerly a monastery.

The famous cathedral at Burgos

The Rio Arlonzn running through the center of Burgos,
with public walks on both sides and the Cathedral nearby.

Public space near our hotel and the Cathedral in Burgos

Buildings, at one time monastic in nature, in the large park area known as the
Valley of the Fallen.

Beneath this 500 foot high cross, hollowed from the rock is a Cathedral like
sanctuary, commissioned by General Franco, to house the bones of the fallen on
both sides of the Spanish Civil War.  Franco's tomb is in there as well.  A very
beautiful place, which Phyllis and I visited primarily to make sure Franco was
still dead.  He apparently was.

From the balcony of our room in the city center of Madrid, with block after
block of tapas bars and thousands of people every evening flooding
the city center.

Exterior of the Prado Museum, home of the works of many old masters.

Exterior of the Reina Sophia Museum, home to Picasso's Guernica and an incredible
collection of art related to 20th century liberation struggles.

Looking across Madrid from the observatory atop the old Post Office Building
in Madrid's City Center.