Dhaka, Bangladesh
December 2013

First four photos:  Glen T. Martin (President, WCPA) and A. H. M. Nouman (Founder and Secretary General of DORP), both GUSI Peace Prize International winners, meet to discuss the working together  of DORP (for rural poverty alleviation in Bangladesh) and the WCPA Chapter in Bangladesh.

Mr. Nouman sits between myself and Mahbubul Islam

As always in Dhaka, bicycle rickshaws are everywhere

Mornings I jogged around this lake within Dhaka city.

Some enterprising people have a ferry service across the lake.

With WCPA activists in a Dhaka Restaurant.

We spoke with these advocates (lawyers) about the Earth Constitution. To the right of me is Manzoor Hasan, OBE, Barrister at Law, who was outspoken in our meeting about the sameness of persons everywhere and the need for global socialism and the Earth Constitution.

WCPA activists meet at the home of the late Dr. Mujibur Rahman.  His widow, Bulbul, stands in front of me in the green dress.

Near the nice home of Dr. Quassem, who generously hosted me, was this girl selling food each day on the street corner.   She posed for me and I gave her 10 taka in return.

People just emerging from their home (under the tarps) in the morning.

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