We the delegates of the Sixth Provisional World Parliament in Bangkok, Thailand, 24-27 March 2003, condemn the violence, war-mongering, and global chaos caused by both the powerful and less powerful nation-states of the world. This world-wide violence by nation-states, and its response in world-wide terrorism, are inevitable consequences of the world system of sovereign, territorial nation-states.

Under the system of independent nations, struggle for ascendency and dominance are inevitable. The ideas of foreign "security threats," possible terrorist attacks, secret weapons of mass destruction, "enemy states," military coalitions of ally states, power politics, and Machiavellian political maneuvering are direct consequences of this historically outmoded and barbaric system.

The doctrine of "pre-emptive attack for national security reasons," recently adopted by the United States government, is identical in spirit with the ideological justification used by the Nazis for their invasion of neighboring countries within Europe in 1938-1940 that threw the world into the war and chaos of World War Two. Such ideas are not aberrations but rather logical implications of the concept of a world broken into the fragments of sovereign nation-states.

All of these distorted and dangerous ideas are a direct product of the historically outdated, conceptually confused, and morally indefensible system of so-called "sovereign nation-states." The doctrine of "pre-emptive self-defense" is merely an extreme version of the doctrine that every nation militarize itself to protect its independence and sovereignty, a doctrine that has led to approximately fifty million deaths and 130 wars since the advent of the United Nations.

The system is an historical product of the Renaissance of the 15th to 17th centuries in which national political units were formed under the idea of governments autonomous over their internal affairs and independent in their external relationships with one another (this latter is sometimes called "the treaty system"). The world system functioned under this principle of "sovereign nation-states" throughout the modern period as the powerful nations of Europe (later, the U.S. and others) created colonial empires and economic spheres of influence, solidifying domination and exploitation into the international system. In today’s tiny, interdependent world, it is clear that this system is an historical anachronism.

This system is conceptually confused and morally indefensible as well. The right of all people to freedom, peace, and equality under democratic government, and the right of all people to have their human rights and dignity respected, is impossible under this system of approximately 190 competing territorial units. Rights may or may not be guaranteed within individual nations, but no nation can protect or guarantee the rights of other people through its foreign policy that, under this system, is necessarily based on national self-interest at the expense of others. The U.N. organization is useless to change this system, since it is based on the principle of "the sovereign independence" of its member nations, itself nothing but the extension of "the treaty system."

What is today termed "international law" is a fiction. There is no legally enforceable legislation over nations, only the conceptually illegitimate and immoral global system of militarized competition and chaos. Powerful nations violate so-called "international law" at will. The U.N. organization, despite the best intentions of many good persons within it, merely preserves the root causes of global wars and militarized international chaos.

The global system of nation-states also allows the wealthy in powerful nations to exploit and dehumanize through poverty the poor in weaker nations. When the poor rebel because of their poverty, the system of sovereign nation-states leaves little choice but to repress them militarily through "counter-insurgency warfare," torture, disappearances, and massacres in order to maintain the "law and order" that allows the global system of economic exploitation to continue functioning. This system of world-wide repression of the poor in order to maintain the global system of domination and exploitation has led to a massive international business in weapons sales, military training, surveillance and spying, and repression of human rights.

The global system of nation-states stands condemned on historical, conceptual, and moral grounds. The current struggles involving the U.S., Iraq, North Korea and other states, are simply manifestations of this system of chaos and cruelty that must be replaced by democratic world government under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. The only legitimate sovereignty is the sovereignty of the people of Earth. The only way nation-states can be made legitimate is through federation under the Earth Constitution that simultaneously ends war and militarism, ends the struggle for domination and exploitation, creates universal prosperity for all peoples, and guarantees the rule of law and universal human rights to all citizens of Earth.


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