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IT Tip
In the four months of January through April, there's a big uptick in IRS phish email. These emails generally threaten the user about access to a refund, promise a bigger refund or reference one of the tax software programs (like TurboTax). During this period, treat all email about taxes as a potential phish, and avoid clicking on URLs until you can verify its legitimacy. If you have questions about whether an email is legitimate, forward it to the Technical Assistance Center or to

Banner Tip
Display Options
Banner has a number of options that will display several items on the title bar, including the form name, release number, and database instance. You can also set whether to display the form name on the main menu. To adjust these settings, navigate to File and then Preferences. Check the boxes under Display Options to turn these on.

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Division of Information Technology
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Windows 10 upgrade for classrooms and computer labs

During the summer, Windows 10 and Office 2016 will be installed on classroom and computer lab computers across campus. MORE>>>

Office 2016 available for personal machines

Microsoft Office 2016 is now available for Radford University faculty, staff and students to install on up to five personal devices. MORE>>>

D2L update - new release condition types

As part of a continuous update process, Desire2Learn makes small changes to the D2L environment each month. The latest update includes new release condition types that support the NOT operator. MORE>>>

Banner Cardinal update

In a collaborative effort between Financial Services and Enterprise Systems, Radford University successfully completed the deploy phase of the Cardinal project in January 2016. MORE>>>

Banner date field features

Within most Internet Native Banner forms, Banner offers several shortcuts for data entry into date fields. These shortcuts allow for quicker data entry and less keying by the user. MORE>>>

Technology training offered

Academic Technology offers a number of workshops each month for faculty and staff. MORE>>>

Dos and don'ts of mobile security

Unless you work for a high-security organization, it's likely that you bring your personal phone and possibly a tablet into the workplace. Here are security tips to help ensure mobile security. MORE>>>

Meet the DoIT Staff: Alex Kennedy, Computer Operations Technician
Alex KennedyThe DoIT staff serves the RU community by providing service and technical support to faculty, students and staff. Each month, we introduce the campus to a DoIT staff member who can facilitate the use of today's amazing technologies. This month, it is our pleasure to introduce Computer Operations Technician, Alex Kennedy. MORE>>>