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November-December 2014


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IT Security Tip
Think before you act: Be wary of messages that implore you to act immediately, offer something that sounds too good to be true or ask for personal information.

Accessibility Tip
When posting content on your website, consider whether you really need it to be in a PDF. PDF files are often inaccessible to people with screen readers. If the formatting is not essential, use plain text instead.

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Division of Information Technology
Radford University

Complete the annual security awareness training

RU faculty and staff are required to complete IT security awareness training on an annual basis.

RU uses a tool from AWAREITY called MOAT to administer this training. As the end of the year approaches, many users are receiving notifications to complete this training. These notifications are legitimate and you do need to complete the training.

Rather than clicking on the link in the email, you may visit the MyRU login page and click on the "IT Security Training" located at the bottom of the login page to access the training directly.

Don't be a victim

With the holiday season approaching, the number of fraudulent email messages people receive will increase. Although university SPAM filters eliminate many of these messages, a number of them will still get through.

Fraudulent email messages often take you by surprise by requesting that you take action for a package, an order, a ticket or an account. Many of these messages are designed to steal username and passwords and often look completely legitimate, even using the logos and images of an actual company. A recent example that has been used is "westermunion", where an M instead of an N is used in the name.

If you receive an unexpected email asking you to take action, you should generally ignore and delete it. For an email from a vendor that you do hold an account with, you should go directly to the vendor's website and login from there, rather than clicking on the link in the email.

A recent alert posted by a higher education-focused security group, REN-ISAC, outlines campaigns targeted at stealing user credentials surrounding payroll information. In these attacks, subject lines such as "Your Salary Raise Confirmation" and "Important Salary Notification" were used to direct users to webpages that looked almost identical to the university's web page.

Remember.   Think before you click!

Register now for January 2015 Our Turn

Mark your calendar for January 2015 Our Turn.

A forthcoming email from the Faculty Development Center will include a complete list of the January Our Turn sessions. You can also check the CITL training website at, where registration will be available as the courses are added.

Discounted printing available in Walker Hall

In order to assist with testing our new Mobile Printing Station solution, discounted printing is available on the second floor of Walker Hall in the main computer lab for a limited time.

The Mobile Printing Station solution provides a cloud service that allows users to print securely from any mobile device or laptop/desktop to these printers in Walker Hall by utilizing email or web upload.

In addition, users can simply walk up to printing devices and print directly from a USB drive and other cloud solution such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Office 365.

The discounted printing is available to students, as well as faculty and staff, for .01 for black/while and .05 for color and is purchased with your RU Express card.

To take advantage of this great opportunity you will need to:

  1. Email your document to
  2. Once the email is received, you will receive a six-digit code.
  3. Go to the second floor of Walker Hall in the main computer lab (be sure to bring your RU Express card).
  4. Walk up to the Mobile Printing Station and follow the on-screen directions to pick up the document.

It's that simple. Remember your document isn't released until you insert your RU Express card.

The units will soon be available on the first floor of Young Hall and the Bonnie Hurlburt Student Center.

Meet the DoIT Staff

Nick SwistockNate Swistock
Technology Support Engineer

How long have you been employed in the Division of Information Technology at Radford University? I've been full time since December 2013. I was a student wage employee in February 2013.

Family: I am the second oldest of the five children in my family. I am currently living with my younger brother in Radford.

Hometown: I come from Ashburn, Virginia

Education: I graduated from RU with a B.S. in computer science.

Interests/Hobbies: I love reading and writing stories. I also enjoy listening to music, and I have to admit that Netflix consumes a bit too much of my free time.

Favorite vacation destination: Smith Mountain Lake. I have been going there with family regularly for about a decade now. It is beautiful as well as close by.

Favorite part of your job: I love helping people. I love researching and finding solutions to the problems people are having. It is such a deep and profound joy to help someone who is in need of technical service, as well as sharing my knowledge with them.