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Division of Information Technology
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IT Security Tip
Using commonly known information about you for a password is not only a bad practice, it's also not secure. Stay away from using your family or pet names, birth dates or any other information that someone could find on social networking sites or public places such as the campus directory.

IT Tip
Create a web shortcut: Right-click on a web page in your browser and select Create Shortcut to place a shortcut link on your desktop.

Accessibility Tip
When posting a video on your website, be sure to include a link to a closed-captioned version. Videos created by Web Strategy and Interactive Media always have a closed- captioned version. For videos you create, YouTube can help automate the process.

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Division of Information Technology
Radford University

August 2014 Our Turn - August 13-15

Mark your calendars for August Our Turn! The Division of Information Technology will be offering numerous technology workshops Wednesday, Aug. 13 through Friday, Aug. 15. Below are a few examples of what will be offered:

  • Several Desire 2 Learn (D2L) workshops, including how to create and upload faculty and student videos within D2L.
  • Using technology in the classroom.
  • What's new in Microsoft Office 2013.
  • Open Lab on Friday, Aug. 15, to provide individual assistance and consultation for faculty.

An email will be forthcoming from the Faculty Development Center which will include a complete list of the August 2014 Our Turn sessions. You can also check the CITL training website at, where registration will be available as the courses are added.

New identity and access management system is coming soon

DoIT is rolling out enhanced account management tools this summer.

Beginning Aug. 12, users will have improved functionality when resetting their passwords, activating new accounts and managing club and departmental accounts. More information will be coming soon about these new features, which will include instructions for all users about how to setup your account within the new system.

Request your telephone updates early

Departments often review telephone locations, line appearances and calling information at the beginning of the academic year. This often creates a large number of requests for phone changes within a short period of time.

Telephone Services is encouraging departments to review their telephone needs early and submit a TS1 Service Request Form or call (540) 831-6600 for any needed changes.

Web Strategy offers overhaul of websites

Web Strategy and Interactive Media has been working with departments on overhauling websites with new designs and updated navigation architecture based on analytics.

The team has been reviewing most visited content, discussing new goals and providing new graphics and layouts for several existing sites over the past year. Among those overhauled are the College of Business and Economics, the College of Graduate and Professional Studies, Student Affairs and 15 other sites.

An overhaul of Undergraduate Admissions and the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences, among others, is underway this summer.

If you are interested in having your site overhauled, contact Web Strategy and Interactive Media at They would be happy to discuss your goals and put your project on their timeline.

Internet Explorer 11 upgrade across campus

DoIT is currently testing the rollout of the latest version of the Microsoft browser Internet Explorer 11 to university-owned PCs to ensure the web browser on campus systems are secure and compliant with new web standards.

Settings for key systems such as MyRU, eVA, Cognos, D2L, Xtender, and Self Service and Internet Native Banner are currently being tested and configured. Once testing is complete, this update will automatically be pushed through the Windows Update Service.

As always, if you experience any problems, please contact the Help Desk at (540) 831-7500.

Changes coming to RU cable TV

A new cable TV system will be implemented for on-campus residents during the first week of August.

The new system will deliver high-quality pictures with nearly 60 high-definition (HD) channels. It will also be totally digital, meaning users must have either a digital capable television (televisions manufactured in the last five years with ATSC QAM tuners will work by just scanning for new channels) or a digital-to-analogue converter, which is available at stores locally for less than $50.

Wireless network access changes planned

This summer, Network Services has been working on the design, testing and implementation of a new wireless network access control product called Identity Services Engine (ISE), to replace Clean Access.

The goal of the ISE implementation is to simplify the process of connecting to the campus network while providing wireless support for student devices including game machines, streaming media devices and wireless printers which are common in residence halls.

This implementation will create slight changes in the way the campus community interacts with the campus wireless system. On Wednesday, Aug. 6, the new ISE wireless access control system will be implemented campus wide. For faculty and staff who are not on campus regularly this summer, we recommend that you validate your wireless connections are working properly before the start of fall semester classes.

Meet the DoIT Staff

Gary BurnsGary Burns
Director of Technology Support Services

How long have you been employed in the Division of Information Technology at Radford University? I have been employed in the Division of Information Technology for just over 2 months.

Family: I have been married for 2 years to my wife Norma. She, and her son Joan Christian, hail from Lima, Peru and arrived in the United States in 2012. I also have a 27-year-old son and a 22-year-old daughter, who live in Nashville, Tennessee.

Hometown: I was born and raised in Whitesburg, Ky. At age 18, I entered the military and spent 21 years before I retired.

Education: I'm nearing completion of my dissertation for my doctorate in educational technology. I also have a master's in management.

Interests/Hobbies: I enjoy tinkering with electronics and woodworking.

Favorite vacation destination: Peru is a great place. I have never gotten tired of visiting for the culture and food.

Favorite part of your job: Interacting with the people at Radford. It's a great work environment, and I love the area.