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February 2014


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IT Security Tip
When traveling, don't leave your laptop in the car – not on the seat, not in the trunk. Parked cars are a favorite target of laptop thieves; don't help them by leaving your laptop unattended.

IT Tip
You can tap the space bar to scroll down one screen on a Web page. Add the Shift key to scroll back up.

Accessibility Tip
Visually impaired individuals using screen readers often move through a page by tabbing from link to link. "Click here" does not give the impaired individual information about what the link is about. Instead, use words that describe the link, such as "Financial Aid Information."

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Division of Information Technology
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Multimedia project highlights amazing research project

Once every two years, a group of Radford University students and a handful of high school students from the Southwest Virginia Governor's School brave bone-rattling temperatures and shivery Arctic winds at Barrow, Alaska, all in the name of science. This year, Multimedia Producer Jaslyn Gilbert will be joining the group on its journey.

Beginning March 8, Web Strategy and Interactive Media will be posting photo galleries and video clips from the 2014 trip to Barrow on a special website created for the project and through social media. A culminating short documentary about the experience will be produced following the adventure to the Arctic. Visit to follow the journey.

Important iOS update for Apple iPhones, iPads

On Friday, Feb. 21, Apple released an iOS update (7.0.6 and 6.1.6) to fix a major vulnerability in the way Safari handles SSL certificates on Apple systems.

All iPhone and iPad users are encouraged to install this update immediately to mitigate the risk of data being intercepted. You can install the update by selecting Settings -> General -> Software Update and then clicking Download and Install. If you are using a cellular connection, you will be required to connect to a WiFi network to download the update.

If you have questions about installing the update, please contact the Technology Assistance Center at (540) 831-7500.

Note: Macintosh computers with OS X Mavericks are also impacted by this same vulnerability. On Feb. 25 Apple released OS X Update 10.9.2 to address this issue.

Preventing identity theft and protecting yourself online

It seems almost every week you hear about another major company that has been hacked, causing personal data of millions of people to be exposed.

Sometimes there is nothing you can do to prevent your data from being stolen. However, by following some general guidelines, you can reduce the chance that you'll be the next victim of identity theft.

To protect yourself online:

  • Do not allow websites to store personal information such as name, addresses, and credit card data if not required.
  • Never give out personal information to websites that you don't trust
  • Use a secure password strategy.
    • Use strong passwords that are not based on dictionary words.
    • Use a mix of upper-case letters, lower-case letters, spaces, numbers and special characters.
    • The longer the password the better. A minimum of 12 characters is best.
    • Do not reuse the same password for multiple websites.
    • Never write down passwords or other sensitive information.
    • Change passwords to sensitive accounts on a regular basis.
  • Always lock your screen when leaving your computer to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Sign out of any online accounts when you are finished using the account.
  • If you are asked for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on a website or form, ask if it is really necessary.

It is not always online customers who are affected. Customers who visit brick and mortar stores also run the risk of identity theft, as was reported by a major retail chain. To reduce the risk of identity theft, take the following precautions:

  • Check your credit reports on a regular basis for irregularities. The government allows you to access your credit report three times a year for free from
  • If you notice any irregular charges on your credit cards, notify the company immediately. In most cases you only have a certain amount of time to claim fraud on your account.
  • Consider identity theft insurance policies that can be added to your homeowner's or renter's insurance policy. These policies can assist in the case of a full-blown identity theft.
  • If you believe you are a victim of identity theft:
    • Place a fraud alert with one of the three credit reporting agencies.
    • Retrieve your credit report immediately to review your account history.
    • Create an identity theft report with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

For more tips and best practices on protecting yourself, please visit RU's IT Security website at: and follow us on Twitter at @RU_ITSecurity.

Training opportunities for faculty, staff

Academic Technologies is offering additional Technology Workshops throughout the year in addition to those offered during Our Turn weeks in May, August and January. These workshops are intended to allow faculty and staff to enhance their technology skills and will cover topics including:

  • Desire 2 Learn
  • iPad Usage
  • Classroom Technologies
  • Microsoft Office (Excel, Word PowerPoint, Outlook)
  • Banner and eVA
  • Brown Bag lunch sessions

Please visit to see a full list of workshops and dates available this spring. If you would like an individual training session for your department this can also be arranged by contacting Academic Technologies at (540) 831-7521.

RUmobile receives major upgrade

Radford University's mobile application, RUmobile, will receive a major upgrade this semester. RUmobile 2.0 will be much faster and include additional functionality than prior versions in a sleeker, easier-to-use interface.

The app will include the ability to view which washers and dryers are in use in residence halls and an enhanced dining app.

Other features that existed in previous versions that are included in the upgrade are:

RU mobile
  • Campus Directory
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Map of Campus
  • Building Hours
  • Dining Menus
  • Bus Routes
  • NextBus Bus Prediction Tool
  • RU News
  • Athletics News
  • Upcoming Events
  • Big South Network News
  • Mobile D2L
  • Final Grades
  • Class Schedules
  • RU Express Balance
  • Printing Balance
  • Social Media Feeds

The new RUmobile is scheduled to be released on March 4. Current users should visit the App Store or Google Play to download the upgrade. New users can search for "Radford" on the App Store or Google Play or visit

Windows 8 computer deployments begin Spring 2014

The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) strives to replace faculty and staff computers on a regular basis, refreshing laptops every 3-4 years and desktops every 4-5 years.

During this year's refresh cycle, DoIT will begin rolling out the Windows 8.1 operating system (OS) in preparation for an eventual rollout of Windows 8.1 to campus classrooms and computer labs.

Academic Technologies will provide several Windows 8.1 overview sessions for faculty who will receive a new computer this summer. These sessions will allow them to understand the benefits and advantages of this new OS and will prepare faculty for the open house in March where they may choose which computer meets their needs.

More details about the open house and Windows 8.1 preview sessions will be forthcoming from Academic Technologies to users scheduled for a computer replacement this year.

Meet the DoIT Staff

carolyn TurnerCarolyn Turner
Copy Center Operator

How long have you been employed in the Division of Information Technology at Radford University? Thirty-one years at RU, and four and a half of those with IT.

Family: Married to Neal Turner for 31 years
Daughter - Terri Murray; Son-in-law Eddie Murray
Granddaughter - Jade Murray
Grandson - Carter Murray
Son - Brandon Turner

Hometown: Christiansburg, Va.

Education: High School /NRCC (some classes)

Interests/Hobbies: sewing/drawing

Favorite vacation destination: Orange Beach, Alabama

Favorite part of your job: Meeting and getting to know the students and helping with the projects.