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January 2014


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Division of Information Technology
P.O. Box 6888
Radford, VA 24142
Phone: (540) 831-5173
Fax: (540) 831-6217

IT Security Tip
When changing your password, don't just change one letter or number. You should always change at least half, if not all of the password to something else.

IT Tip
To get a split screen, pull up a web page and hold the Windows Logo key and hit the right arrow key. Next pull up a MS Word document and hold down the Windows Logo key and hit the left arrow key. It is helpful if you have the windows maximized before using the Logo and arrow keys. You can use two Word documents or two Browser locations.

Accessibility Tip
Did you know that when you send an email that is a JPG with embedded text, the screen readers used by the visually impaired can't read the text? Be sure to include plain text in all your mass emails.

DoIT Logo
Division of Information Technology
(DoIT) Radford University

DoIT offers technology training
During the spring semester, the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning will offer a series of brown bag lunch sessions for faculty and staff to join together to learn and share ideas about campus technologies. MORE>>>

Classroom upgrades

DoIT upgrades campus classrooms on a regular basis to provide faculty and students with a technology-rich teaching and learning environment. MORE>>>

New support for voice and video communications

In the fall of 2013, the Division of Information Technology reorganized existing resources to provide enhanced support for voice and video communications technologies. MORE>>>

Wayfinding kiosks roll out this semester

This semester, the Division of Information Technology will be rolling out new wayfinding kiosks at select locations on campus. MORE >>>

RUmobile receives major upgrade

Radford University's mobile application, RUmobile, will receive a major upgrade this semester. RUmobile 2.0 will be much faster and includes the same functionality as prior versions in a sleeker, easier-to-use interface. MORE >>>

Updated IT Security website

The IT Security website has been updated to include a wealth of new information. MORE >>>

Meet the DoIT Staff: Randy (R.J.) Davis, Computer Operations Manager

RJ DavisThe DoIT staff serves the RU community by providing service and technical support to faculty, students and staff. Each month, we introduce the campus to a DoIT staff member who can facilitate the use of today's amazing technologies. This month, it is our pleasure to introduce Computer Operations Manager, Randy (R.J.) Davis. MORE>>>