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IT Security Tip
It only takes one virus to make your computer inoperable, or even worse, lose all your data. Backup your important files such as family photos and important documents on a regular basis.

Sustainability Tip
Unplug your laptop charger and/or cell phone charger when it's not in use to save energy.

Accessibility Tip
Use alt text to provide access to the content of images for individuals who cannot see them, including people using screen readers or Braille output devices.

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Division of Information Technology
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Our Turn technology workshops slated for August

Reserve time on your calendar now August 14 16 for technology workshops offered during August Our Turn. (The exact date and time for specific workshops is still being finalized.) Technology specific workshops planned for August Our Turn include:

Desire 2 Learn (D2L): Whether you are new to using D2L, would like refresher training, or are interested in incorporating specific new features into your course, you are sure to find a workshop during Our Turn that fits your needs. An overview course covering the most common features within D2L along with more detailed courses covering online quizzing, grade book, ePortfolio, and Rubrics will be offered.

The popular "Jumpstart for Fall Instructors" will be offered again. These sessions will allow faculty to sign up for one-on-one assistance provided by the Technology Assistance Center and Academic Technologies to help you get course materials uploaded and organized before the start of the semester.

Classroom Technologies: Have you ever felt overwhelmed with all the technology when walking into the classrooms for the first time? We encourage you to take the opportunity to learn about the capabilities available in campus classrooms. Our Turn will feature classes on "Recording Classroom Lectures," "What are Best Practices when Using the Classroom Technology" and "Video Conferencing Technologies."

iPad: Do you want to make better use of your iPad? An iPad specific workshop will be offered to help you review the configuration of your iPad and offer tips on how to make the most of this device in instruction. Attend the "iPad Training I've got it, now what can I do with it?" class and learn how to securely set up the iPad and utilize it in the classrooms. Also available will be a course that demonstrates how to give feedback and post grades through the D2L drop box using the "Assignment Grader" iPad app.

A forthcoming email from the Faculty Development Center (CITL) will include a complete list of the August 2013 Our Turn schedule. You can also check the CITL training website at, where registration will be available as the courses are added.

Request telephone updates early

Departments often review telephone locations, line appearances and calling information at the beginning of each academic year. This often creates a large number of requests for phone changes within a short period of time. We encourage departments to review this information early and submit a TS1 Service Request Form or call 540-831-6600 for any needed changes.

Staying safe while online

With new viruses and malware being released every day you have to stay vigilant while connected to the Internet to keep your computers, smartphones, and your data secure. Following some basic rules will keep you a step ahead of hackers that want to steal your data or take control of your computer for nefarious means:

  1. Use unique passwords.
    Using complex passwords is a key step in keeping your accounts secure. Create unique passwords for your computer and online accounts, and make them as complex as possible. At a minimum you should create passwords that are at least eight characters in length, not based on a single dictionary word or your username, and should include a combination of special characters, alphabetical characters (upper and lower case) and numerical characters.
  2. Change your passwords often.
    Do you remember the last time you changed your password to your online bank account or shopping site? Changing your password on a regular basis will reduce the risk of your account from being accessed by unauthorized individuals. Consider changing your passwords to your accounts on a regular basis, especially if they provide access to any information that could lead to identity theft or accounts that are tied to your financial accounts such as credit cards or bank accounts.
  3. Keep your software updated.
    New viruses and malware are released daily. To keep your computer protected make sure to keep your software updated and run anti-virus software on your computer. Did you know employees of RU can download anti-virus software for personal use? Log into the MyRU portal, click on the My Accounts tab, and click the link "Download Software" under Quick Links.
  4. Watch out for phishing scams.
    Always look for signs that emails are not legitimate such as misspellings, unknown senders, or deals that are too good to be true. If you received an email and you are unsure if it is legitimate, before clicking anything within the email, please contact the IT Security Office at IT Security can review the email and attachments to validate its legitimacy. The mantra is: If in doubt, throw it out.

Keeping highly sensitive data secure

Social security numbers, driver's license numbers, health records and financial account information such as credit card and bank account numbers are all classified as highly sensitive data which, if exposed, have the potential to lead to identity theft. Information Technology Policy 5102 "Data Storage and Media Protection" prohibits the storage of sensitive data on mobile devices. Highly sensitive data should never be sent via email or shared with vendors. University departments should review both electronic and paper documents and forms and eliminate the use of this information unless required by law. The Data Storage and Media Protection policy is available at:

Multimedia producer earns 'Best of Show'

Jaslyn Gilbert, multimedia producer in the Office of Web Communications, earned the "Best of Show" award in the 2013 Annual Print Competition held by the University Photographers' Association of America (UPAA). Gilbert was honored with the award at the UPAA's annual symposium in June for her photo essay featuring students exploring Starnes Cavern as part of Radford University's Wilderness Institute taught by Anja Whittington, an assistant professor in the Department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism.

The contest is the UPAA's premier competition, drawing upon a photographer's creativity, presentation and technical skills. University photographers from around the country submitted their best photos from the previous year into various categories and the top scoring entry from across all categories earns the "Best of Show" title.

Gilbert also earned an honorable mention in the Features and Illustrations category for 2013 and won the UPAA's June monthly image competition in the Features and Illustrations category.

Meanwhile, Jaime Hunt, director of Web Communications, received the UPAA's Board Appreciation Award, given to a university staff person who is not a photographer but who has made a significant impact on the profession of photography in service to higher education.

Digital signage on campus (getting the word out)

DoIT has recently updated digital signage on the Radford University campus by adding a host of new system features with a special RU look. More than 50 new power conserving LED television sets have been added to the digital signage system, including many new locations across campus. Some of the new features allow remote control of televisions and network "pinging" to be sure televisions are on and the correct channel is being displayed. The displays now feature an innovative and informative screen with time and date, current weather, a special informative RU news bar at the bottom of the screen as well as detailed news and events on the main screen. In addition, some departments will address special events within a particular building. Digital signage has come a long way at Radford University and will now meet even more of your needs in a shorter glance. At the heart of the digital signage design is the ability to alert students, staff and faculty in case of emergency.

iPad and iPhone iOS updates

Apple releases updates to the iOS operating system on iPads and iPhones on a regular basis. To be sure that your iPad or iPhone is operating as efficiently and securely as possible, you should check for updates on a regular basis. The current iOS release on any iPad 2 or newer device is iOS 6.1.3 which was released on March 19, 2013. If your device is running iOS 5 or later, you may update your device by going to Settings >> General >> Software Update and follow the instructions. If you have a device that is running iOS 4 or older, you are required to connect your device to a computer and perform an update via iTunes.

For more detailed instructions on updating iOS, review the knowledge base article

If you need assistance in updating your device contact the Technology Assistance Center at 540-831-7500.

DoIT Service Catalog Provides Directory of IT Services

The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) provides a broad range of services for faculty, students, and staff at Radford University. To aid the campus community in identifying which services are provided, how to request them and how to seek support, DoIT has created a service catalog.

The service catalog is broken into 11 categories, with individual services listed in each category. Each listing includes an overview of the service, information on how to request the service, the cost to the department or user, information on who is eligible to receive the service, the availability of the service, and information on how to request support.

Visit to access the new service catalog.

Meet the DoIT Staff

Ray SwingleRay Swingle
Information Security Engineer

How long have you been employed in the Division of Information Technology at Radford University? A year this August.

Family: My wife, Laura, my mom and dad and my little brother and sister.

Hometown: Ashland, Va.

Education: I attended several schools, but graduated from ECPI in Glen Allen, Va.

Interests/Hobbies: Playing my guitar, guitar repair and customization, and painting.

Favorite vacation destination: The Outer Banks, N.C.

Favorite part of your job: Solving complex problems as quickly as possible.