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September 2013


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Division of Information Technology
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Radford, VA 24142
Phone: (540) 831-5173
Fax: (540) 831-6217

IT Security Tip
A unique account should equal a unique password: To keep your online accounts secure, you should use unique, complex passwords for each of your accounts. Using unique passwords reduces the risk of unauthorized access by cybercriminals to your other accounts.

IT Tip
You can enlarge an entire web page or document by pressing the Control key as you turn the wheel on top of your mouse. On a Mac, this enlarges the entire screen image.

Accessibility Tip
Avoid using "click here." Many visually impaired users will have their screen readers set to only read the title of links. The phrase "click here" would be read in isolation in those cases, making it impossible for the user to identify what content he or she can expect to find when clicking on the link.

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Division of Information Technology
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DoIT launches new MyRU portal

The Division of Information Technology launched the first phase of a new MyRU portal on Sept. 16. The completely reimagined portal provides users with streamlined access to business functions within a fresh new interface. MORE>>>

Radford University celebrates National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October marks the 10th anniversary of the National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), a time to increase awareness about online safety and security issues. It's also a time to educate users about the best ways to protect their computers and other electronic devices. MORE >>>

Technology tips from the Help Desk

The Technology Assistance Center, also known as the Help Desk, provides phone, walk-in and on-site assistance to coordinate the resolution to any technology-related issue. For tips to enhance your technology support experience, click. MORE>>>

User account recertification of sensitive systems slated for October

The Radford University Information Technology Security Standard requires that user accounts of the university's sensitive systems be recertified annually. Recertification is scheduled for October. MORE>>>

Meet the DoIT Staff: Lida Mitchell, Technology Assistance Center Technology Specialist I

Lida MitchellThe DoIT staff serves the RU community by providing service and technical support to faculty, students and staff. Each month, we introduce the campus to a DoIT staff member who can facilitate the use of today's amazing technologies. This month, it is our pleasure to introduce Technology Assistance Center Technology Specialist, Lida Mitchell. MORE>>>