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December 2012


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IT Security Tip
An unlocked workstation can be a gold mine for data thieves. Always log out or lock your workstation, even for a brief absence.

Banner Tip
When you use Banner Job Submission to run processes and select the option to "save" your output, the default location for these files is the C:\temp directory on your desktop or laptop. In Windows 7, that directory does not exist, and you may get an error informing you that the directory isn't there. To alleviate this issue, you can:

1. Create the C:\temp directory using "My Computer." Go to your C drive and click on "New Folder" and name the folder "temp."

2. In Banner, go to the GUAUPRF screen and change the default output directory to another directory on your PC or laptop.

Accessibility Tip
Do not use color alone to convey meaning. Use an asterisk (*) or other symbol.

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Division of Information Technology
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RU DoIT's Telephone Services Rolls out New Monthly Departmental Statements

To provide campus departments with better information about their monthly telephone expenses, Telephone Services, an office of the Division of Information Technology (DoIT,) has implemented a new system that provides a detailed monthly billing statement. The system's goal is to provide departments with information that assists in the budget management process.

On the first day of each month, departmental budget managers will receive an email with the monthly statement attached. The statement will list each telephone extension, the person associated with it, the extension location and the extension's monthly cost. An extended summary of long-distance charges by person will be included at the bottom of each statement. These charges are then submitted to Accounts Payable for deduction from the 7122 account in departmental budgets.

Please review the information on the statement in detail to help Telephone Services keep information and e-911 records accurate. To disconnect lines that are no longer needed or update information, please submit a TS1 form, which can be found at

If you have questions, please contact Telephone Services by email or by calling (540) 831-6600.

DoIT Upgrades Campus Telephone System

An upgrade to the current telephone system, including voicemail, will take place in January. The upgrade will implement new software that delivers functional and technical improvements that typically occur every 18 to 24 months. VoIP telephones and voicemail will be unavailable from 8 - 10 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 10. As part of this upgrade, any saved voicemail messages older than 30 days will be deleted from your voicemail box. Please review these stored voicemail messages prior to January 10.

Writing for the Web: Get to the Point!

Director of Web Communications Jaime Hunt often describes writing for the Web as "the art of tricking people into reading."

Studies have shown that people read content on the web far differently than in print. Readers assess web pages in an instant, scan for content and quickly hit the back button if they don't immediately find the information needed. Content has a few seconds—three or less—to encourage people to read more, to take action or to navigate to another page.

Hunt offers these tips to make web-ready content:

  • Keep it short. Use short words, short sentences and short paragraphs.
  • Front-load your content. Put the most important information at the beginning of headlines, paragraphs and sentences. Don't spend time leading up to your point.
  • Emphasize important points: Use page titles, headers, subheads, bulleted points and links to call attention to the most important information on your website.

For more resources on Web communications, visit

Meet the DoIT Staff

Sharon HallSharon Hall
Senior Applications Developer/Analyst

How long have you been employed in the Division of Information Technology at Radford University? 25 years

Family: I have been married for 28 years to my husband, Robbie, and we have a son, Corey, who will graduate from Concord University in December with a B.S. in business administration.

Hometown: Blacksburg

Education: B.S. in computer science from Radford University

Interests/Hobbies: I'm very active with the women's ministry in my church. I love to plan vacations and travel. I've been blessed with wonderful friends and family who keep me quite busy socializing and traveling. If I find the time, I also like to crochet, and I have a stack of books I need to read.

Favorite vacation destination: I love the excitement of New York City and also the peacefulness of the beach.

Favorite part of your job: The applications development team is a close-knit group, and I enjoy the time I spend with my co-workers. I also have a great appreciation for the administrative users with whom I work. RU has a very conscientious, personable staff, and it is a pleasure to assist them.