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October 2011


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Security Tip
Delete Files Effectively
Depending upon your operating system and your settings, when you delete a file, that file may be transferred to your trash or recycle bin. This "holding area" essentially protects you from yourself by allowing easy restoration if you accidentally delete a file. Be advised that an unauthorized person will also be able to retrieve it. To prevent this cyber dumpster diving, empty the trash or recycle bin on a regular basis to ensure that deleted information stays deleted.

IT Tip
When in your web browser, tap the space bar once to scroll down a full screen. Press the space bar and shift key to scroll back up a screen.

IT Sustainability Tip
Get the most... work on the least.
Working on too many programs while on the battery is a surefire power drain. Keep use of graphic-intensive applications to a minimum. Working on a spreadsheet consumes much less power than playing your favorite game. To increase the life of the battery, open just one or two programs concurrently.

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Division of Information Technology
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RU Student Email Migrated to Live@edu

To improve service, enhance efficiency, and reduce hardware and maintenance costs, student email accounts have been moved from a locally-hosted exchange system to the Live@edu exchange environment, which is hosted by Microsoft. MORE>>>

DoIT Increases Faculty/Staff Email Storage Quotas

With the migration of student email to the hosted Live@edu environment, DoIT is now able to allocate additional space to faculty and staff email. MORE>>>

New MyRU Personal Info Channel Online Now

DoIT has introduced a convenient new feature to the MyRU portal—the Personal Information and Emergency Contacts channel. MORE>>>

Technology Training Opportunities Abound for Faculty and Staff

DoIT offers a variety of technology workshops for faculty and staff throughout the fall semester. MORE>>>

RU Hosts Mid-Atlantic Banner Users Group Conference

Radford University and DoIT welcomed more than 300 college and university administrators from more than 50 different regional academic institutions of higher learning for the Mid-Atlantic Banner Users Group (MABUG) Conference Oct. 2–4. MORE>>>

Walker Technology Center Computer Lab Reservations

The Walker Hall computer labs are available for ad-hoc reservations by faculty. These labs fill up quickly, especially during exam period, so please make reservations now. MORE>>>

Window Closing for Course Migration from WebCT to Desire 2 Learn

Throughout the Desire 2 Learn (D2L) training and implementation, faculty have had the opportunity to migrate content from their old WebCT courses to D2L. MORE>>>

Great Web Content is Great But Can Searchers Find It?

Having great content on your website is the first step toward an effective online presence. However, if no one can find that content, the great content doesn't matter. MORE>>>

Meet the DoIT Staff - Reggie Williams, Manager, Computer Repair Shop

Reggie WilliamsDoIT staff serves the RU community by providing service and technical support to faculty, students and staff. Each month, we introduce the RU community to a DoIT staff member who can facilitate the use of today's amazing technologies.

This month, it is our pleasure to introduce the Manager of the Computer Repair Shop, Reggie Williams. MORE>>>