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Febuary 2011


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Division of Information Technology
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Security Tip

Myth: Anti-virus software and firewalls are 100% effective.
Truth: Anti-virus software and firewalls are important elements to protecting your information. However, neither of these elements is guaranteed to protect you from an attack. Combining these technologies with good security habits is the best way to reduce your risk.

IT Tip
To quickly enlarge text in Microsoft Word and most other PC text programs, highlight the text and press CTRL + Shift + > or press and hold CTRL + Shift + < to decrease the size of text.

IT Sustainability Tip
Unplug your computer every night. Unless it’s unplugged, your idle PC still uses electricity.

Banner Tip
When a user puts a form in query mode, they can use < or > for numbers or dates, such as "> 01-APR-2010" to query for records with dates greater than 01-APR-2010.

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Division of Information Technology
(DoIT) Radford University

Website Project Update: Migrating to the Content Management System (CMS)

Now that Radford University has launched its new web presence, many people have questions about moving their sites into the content management system (CMS). MORE>>>

Peters Hall Classroom Upgrades Over Spring Break

SMART Boards in several Peters Hall classrooms are scheduled to be upgraded during Spring Break. MORE>>>

VPN To Be Upgraded on March 12

Radford University’s VPN service will be unavailable on Saturday, March 12 from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. while the service is upgraded. MORE>>>

Increase PC Security by Running With "Standard User" Privileges

Studies have shown that a significant increase in PC security and a reduction in virus/spyware/malware infections can be achieved simply by logging into a computer with an account that does not have full "administrator" privileges. MORE>>>

Printing Services Offers Full Selection of Services to the RU Community

RU faculty, staff and students have a variety of printing capabilities available at Printing Services that can assist in creation of professional-looking documents, large posters, postcards, flyers, mailers, booklets and other printed materials. MORE>>>

Exchange Email To Be Upgraded on March 7 - 10; Faculty/Staff Outage: Thurs., March 10 - Midnight - 7 a.m.

Beginning on Monday, March 7, DoIT will upgrade the Exchange 2007 email environment to the latest Service Pack 3 release. MORE>>>

DoIT Explains How To Customize the "My Banner" Menu in Banner INB

Users may customize their My Banner menu on the main menu to display a list of frequently-used forms. MORE>>>

Meet the DoIT Staff

T.J. TamagniRU’s DoIT staff is eager to serve the RU community by answering your questions and helping make your use of technology more effective. Each month, we will introduce you to a DoIT staff member who can facilitate your use of these amazing technologies. This month, it is our pleasure to introduce T.J. Tamagni, web programmer. MORE>>>