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June 2009


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Division of Information Technology (DoIT)
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Email System Upgrades In Progress

The Division of Information Technology will upgrade the email environment for the campus community this summer from the current Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007. The servers have reached the end of their support life and necessitate an upgrade that will increase the resiliency of the system and reduce the need to reboot servers for patch and update installation. The upgrade to Exchange 2007 will also improve performance, increase mailbox sizes and provide an improved web interface for those users accessing their email using the web-based client.

The design and initial configuration of the new servers and storage environment is currently underway and users will be migrated to the new environment throughout the summer after configuration and testing have been completed. An improved web interface will be the only visible change users who access their email through the portal will see.

Replacement Computer Deployment

Academic Technologies is gearing up for the annual computer deployment to RU faculty and staff eligible to receive a new computer per the standard three-year rotation. Academic Technologies tracks who needs an updated computer and begins the deployment process in late May/early June. The process should be completed and new computers in place by the beginning of Fall semester.

The new computers will have only Office 2007, not Office 2003. The process of receiving a new computer requires mandatory training in the newest Microsoft Office Suite. To acquaint users with the ubiquitous Office 2007 software packages (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook), a 2-hour training overview session focused on the interface and new features will help make the transition to the new version more transparent. These sessions are offered once every week (except during Freshman Orientation) through the middle of August and are open to any RU employee, regardless of computer-update status.

For mobile computer recipients there is a special Mobile Computer Distribution and Training session to smooth their computer transition. Attendees will leave class with a new computer, configured for their use and containing all files transferred from old computers. The session will provide a tour of the new computer, discussion and explanation of its ports and special features, docking station instruction and an overview of the ways the computer can be safely used in the office, on campus, from home and on the road.

New Projection System Now Available

Projection ScreenA professional theater projection system is now available through the DoIT’s Technology Support Services group. This projection system is available for use by RU departments requiring a sophisticated presentation system. The DoIT presentation screens and projection system are based on a 16:9 format and includes a special lens designed to provide a short distance-big image. The system requires a large frame construction to mount the screen (8x14 ft) and is portable, but requires about two hours to construct and additional time to securely pack the screen properly after use. The system’s screen can be set up as either a front projection or a rear projection display and includes modesty curtains.

DoIT has other screen offerings:

  • Two (2) front-screen, 100-inch diagonal screens (4:3) with carry case
  • One (1) rear-screen 110-inch diagonal screen (16:9) with carry case

This equipment may be requested for Radford University use with a minimum of 48 hours advance notice. Reservations can be made by calling Scott Shull at 831-7513 or Randy McCallister at 831-7514.

Conference Phone Checkout Procedures

RU faculty and staff may now check out IP or analog conference phones for hosting or connecting to conference calls. There are two types of phones available: IP or Centrex analog. IP conference phones require a live data/network connection and an electrical outlet in close proximity to the phone placement location and all IP conference phones are pre-assigned a phone number. The majority of conference rooms on campus are set up to use the IP conference phone. Centrex analog conference phones require an active, assigned number, and a convenient telephone line and jack in the location where the phone will be used. To check out either an IP or Centrex analog conference phone, an Equipment Loan Agreement must be completed. Conference phones may be reserved by calling 831-6600.

Security Awareness Training Notice

To ensure a workforce cognizant of the challenges of dealing with IT security threats and to stress the importance of secure handling of sensitive information, the Commonwealth of Virginia now requires all university faculty and staff to complete annual security awareness training in order to maintain their access to university systems. An online tool has been acquired to assist with compliance with this requirement. Configuration of this online security testing protocol is currently underway. Launch of the IT security awareness training module, access instructions and how this important security certification can be achieved will be announced in upcoming editions of DoIT News and by direct email.

Banner System Update

The next Banner modules to go live will be the undergraduate and graduate admissions portions of the student module. Banner is SunGard Higher Education's Banner Administrative Systems Suite that, when fully implemented, will contain all of the campus' daily operational transactions.

The DoIT's Banner team began implementation of these critical modules in May 2008 with training for undergraduate and graduate admissions that includes recruitment; applicant processing and self-service for prospects and admissions officers' elements. The team is now preparing for a mock "go-live" scenario in June to test and refine Banner's admissions processes prior to an August launch of both undergraduate and graduate admissions modules. Concurrently, the Registrar's office has been engaged in completing the course catalog, curriculum, codes and validation tables for entering the course schedules and for registration.

Training information for faculty and staff who enter course schedules is planned for this summer as is training for registration and advising personnel, which is set for the early fall semester. The Banner registration module is expected to "go live" in November with academic history information to follow in late December. The student module is expected to be completely operational for the beginning of the Spring 2010 term.

The Human Resources team has been training since January to prepare Banner's Human Resources module for implementation and are now building the codes, rules and validation tables required. Testing and a mock "go-live" event will take place this fall, with implementation targeted for January 2010.

DoIT Employee Profile

Carolyn HopkinsCarolyn Hopkins, Office Manager

How long have you been employed in the Division of Information Technology at Radford University?
I joined the DoIT in April of 2007. Prior to that, I was an Administrative Assistant in what used to be known as Academic Computing.

I have been married to James for almost 14 years and live in Belspring. We have two great kids: Luke, 10, and Paige, 7.

I grew up in Fairlawn and went to Pulaski County High School.

I enjoy working in the flowers in the summer and am finding photography quite interesting too. I'm not great at it yet, but I am still learning the art. Fishing and laying around the river in the summer are other favorite activities and I've also just recently started bike riding with my family.

Favorite Vacation Destination:
I love the beach. If the Atlantic Coast beaches only had mountains!

Favorite part of your job:
I enjoy staying busy and this job satisfies me. Handling the division's purchasing activities and working on the budget are my favorite things to take care of for the Division. I enjoy dealing with so many people within and outside of our Division.