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December 2009


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IT Sustainability
To maximize savings with a laptop, put the AC adapter on a power strip that can be turned off (or will turn off automatically); the transformer in the AC adapter draws power continuously, even when the laptop is not plugged into the adapter.

Security Tip
If you are filling in web forms and registration pages online,
and there may be nobody behind you watching you as you type, but that doesn't stop a keylogger (a program or device that logs all your key-strokes) from collecting your information. Keep all sensitive material on your own machine (the one that you maintain and protect) and keep it off public computers.

IT Tip
Empty the Recycle Bin
The Recycle Bin in Windows is a folder that collects all the files you delete, just in case you change your mind and want them back.
So even if you've deleted some files, they still hang around in the Recycle Bin for a period of time taking up space. In order to physically remove these files from your hard drive and free up this space, you need to empty the Recycle Bin (just like trash day!).
To permanently remove deleted files from your PC:
1. Right-click the Recycle Bin icon on the desktop to display a menu.
2.Click Empty Recycle Bin with your left mouse button.

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Division of Information Technology (DoIT) Radford University

Work Begins on RU’s Website Upgrade

Radford University’s website will get an upgrade over the next year with the assistance of Digital Wave Technologies, a Philadelphia-based company that specializes in website design for colleges and universities. >>MORE

Mandatory Password Change Deadline Looms

To combat attempts to exploit application and system vulnerabilities and acquire, guess, or steal passwords through phishing email messages or other means, all RU users MUST change their password by Wednesday, December 9. >>MORE

Banner Update

After celebrating the successful launch of Banner Student registration in November, the project teams have directed their focus on achievement of the next Banner project milestones. >>MORE

Voice over Internet Protocol Phone Migration Continues

Installation of the new Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system continues across the RU campus and is estimated to be completed by the end of January 2010. >>MORE

DoIT to Discontinue Modem Pool

As access to Broadband Internet connections has increased, DoIT has seen a steady decrease in the usage of its modem pool serving off campus users.: >>MORE

IT Security Awareness Training Completion Required

DoIT strongly encourages everyone to complete the IT Security Awareness Training as soon as possible. Beginning January 1, 2010, users who have not completed the mandatory training will have their accounts suspended. >>MORE

DoIT Employee of the Month

Jim BrogdenRU's DoIT staff is eager to serve the RU community by answering your questions and helping make your use of technology more effective. Each month, we will introduce you to a DoIT staff member who is expanding the capabilities of these amazing technologies.

For his service and dedication to RU since March, 1993, DoIT wishes to thank Jim Brogden, Manager of Network Services, who will be retiring January 1, 2010. >>MORE