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October 2009


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Division of Information Technology
P.O. Box 6888
Radford, VA 24142
Phone: 540-831-5173
Fax: (540) 831-6217
Email: cio@radford.edu

IT Sustainability
Don't forget about the printers. Printers use a significant amount of energy: particularly laser printers. Please shut them off nights and weekends along with your computer.

Security Tip
Suspect everyone: most unsolicited email is harmless junk from someone hoping to make a sale or generate a list. However, there are unscrupulous people out there trying to scam you. To stay safe, never reply to any unsolicited emails. Even using the "unsubscribe" option will alert senders that your email address is active and mark your computer as a potential target.

IT Tip
Don't click and open links received from unknown sources as these links can install malware and spyware programs to desktop PCs and laptops. Instead of clicking on an unknown link of interest, type the url into your browser to check it out.

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Division of Information Technology (DoIT) Radford University

DoIT Offices Relocated to Walker Hall

The administrative offices for the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) have relocated to Walker Hall 189: >>MORE

Banner Student Module Nears Go-Live

The Banner Student project team is preparing for the launch of the Banner Student module in November by executing several "mock go-live" activities and supervised user testing. Find out more about the dramatic ways the Banner project teams are transforming RU into a unified digital campus: >>MORE

New Wireless Presenters Being Installed in Electronic Classrooms

WPS SystemsBeginning in October, DoIT's Electronic and Engineering Services (EES) will begin replacing the current classroom wireless presentation system, called "Air Projectors," in most RU electronic classrooms. Learn more about the implementation of RU's new "WPS" systems: >>MORE

TAC Is Your Source for Computer Assistance

The Technology Assistance Center (TAC) provides many ways to receive help with computer-related questions and problems. Read more about how you can get TAC to help solve your computer problems: >>MORE

DoIT Announces Online Security Awareness Training

To provide a secure information technology environment and ensure users fulfill their responsibilities to protect systems and data, the Commonwealth of Virginia requires users to complete annual IT security awareness training. Find out how you can go online now to satisfy this important cybersecurity requirement by the Dec. 31, 2009 deadline: >>MORE

October Marks National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

NCSA MonthOctober is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month during which the Department of Homeland Security's National Cybersecurity Division (NCSD) will be raising overall computer safety awareness and working to help minimize cybervulnerabilities. Read this information on National Cybersecurity Awareness Month: >>MORE

Meet the DoIT Staff

Todd Joyce and familyRU's DoIT staff is eager to serve the RU community by answering your questions and helping make your use of technology more effective. Each month, we will introduce you to a DoIT staff member who is expanding the capabilities of these amazing technologies.

This month, it is our pleasure to introduce Todd Joyce, RU MBA '99, network engineering Team Lead. Meet Todd Joyce. >>MORE