Administrator Information

Timeline 2017 - 18




Academic Affairs (AA) request class offerings.


George Santopietro

Colleges provide class offerings to AA.


George Santopietro

Colleges, departments and AA confirm and enter teaching assignments in INB-SIAASGN


George Santopietro

First review of enrollments by colleges and AA

October 30th

George Santopietro

Second review of enrollments by colleges and AA

November 13th

George Santopietro

Departments complete entering faculty course assignments in INB-SIAASGN

November 14th

Connie Phillips

AA makes records available in SSB-FLAC for review and update by departments, chairs and deans.

November 17th

Connie Phillips

Deans notify AA records are updated but do not lock records.

November 20th

George Santopietro, Connie Phillips

Deans lock FLAC records once AA approves. Faculty begins acknowledging contracts through MyRU in Self Service Banner.

November 21st

Connie Phillips

Faculty acknowledge contracts.

December 8th

Connie Phillips

Assignment Information

Suffix Code:

  • FW - Wintermester 2017-2018 (Term 201715)

Contract Type Codes:

  • FP - Full-Time T&R Faculty assigned overload assignments
  • PT - Part-Time Adjunct Faculty assigned courses

Position Number:

Position numbers for T&R and adjunct faculty correlate to your department's organization number. Click here for a complete listing.

Contact Academic Budgets & Administration for assistance with the correct position number. (540)831-5261