CMS Tips and Tricks

Basic tips

  • If you have edited a webpage, and something doesn’t quite look right or something is not functioning properly, do not activate the page.
  • Always use the magnifying glass/browse button to search for an item (image or file) from the digial assets folder or to find another CMS webpage. DO NOT copy/paste URLs when linking to them , unless you are linking to a URL outside of a CMS webpage.
  • If you have to delete a page, ALWAYS deactivate the page first then delete it.

Page titles

  • If you have changed the title of a page you may not automatically see the new page title. To see the new page title, click on Edit right above the page title and select the dropdown button beside Heading Type. Choose Default then click OK. The page title will then appear
    on the page with the new name you have given it.

Photo Galleries

  • If trying to add a photo gallery and it will not allow you to drag and drop the Gallery Item component between the two gray lines, refresh your browser and attempt again. You may need to do this several times throughout the process.


  • The Reference component is an amazing tool. If you know that another department has a page (or portion of a page) of content that you also want on your website, you can pull that information into your site using the Reference component. By using this component you know that when the other department edits their page, the content you have pulled in from their page will also be updated. You never have to make any edits to the content. This helps to ensure many campus departments maintain consistent, up-to-date information for viewers.