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Sept. 16, 2018 8 a.m.

Effective today (Sunday, September 16, 2018) at 9 PM, Radford University will close University Drive immediately following Cupp Stadium and around the Dedmon Center.

All parking lots in and around the Dedmon Center, including Lots BF, HF, DC, SL and UD, as well as all street parking along University Drive, will be closed with restricted access.  All cars must be moved prior to today’s 9 PM closure of University Drive immediately following Cupp Stadium and around the Dedmon Center.

Lots FF and Z were previously closed and remain closed.  Lots CC, E and U will remain open and accessible.  Alternate parking lots with current capacity include Lots BL, E and U.  In order to assist with locating these lots, view the parking map online.

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Sept. 15, 2018 12:30 p.m.

Radford University classes and normal campus operations will resume at 8 AM on Monday, September 17, 2018.  Residence halls and dining services continue to remain fully functional and on a regular schedule.  McConnell Library will reopen tomorrow (Sunday, September 16, 2018) beginning at 11 AM.

Radford University officials have been monitoring the developing situation related to Hurricane Florence, which has now been downgraded to a tropical storm and is expected to be further downgraded later today (Saturday, September 15, 2018).  The storm is expected to result in rain showers across our local area over the coming days.  Projected wind speeds have been reduced in our area, and power outages are no longer anticipated.

Throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, anticipated rain totals have been reduced based on the revised weather forecast and final storm path, which are having a less significant impact on our state despite early projections.  Students who left campus are encouraged to be cautious in traveling back during daylight hours, specifically today or early tomorrow.

Radford University is fully focused on the safety of its students, faculty and staff.  As such, you are encouraged to utilize caution when traveling. Do not drive through standing water, and be mindful of weather reports and road conditions before and during your travels.  If you are planning to utilize public transportation, check schedules to ensure coverage. 

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Sept. 13, 2018 11:35 a.m.

Radford University continues to monitor weather conditions and the potential impact related to severe weather.  At this time, Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall late tomorrow (Friday, September 14, 2018) or early the following day (Saturday, September 15, 2018) near Wilmington, North Carolina. Based on the most recent forecast, our area continues to have the potential for high winds, significant rainfall and possible flooding.

As of noon today (Thursday, September 13, 2018), classes are canceled, and the campus is closed. The class cancelation and campus closure is in place through this Sunday (September 16, 2018). During the closure, the University will provide regular updates regarding weather conditions and University operations. Updates will be made through the University email system and posted on this website, Facebook and Twitter.

Residence halls will be open for students who decide to remain on campus. Dining services will continue in Dalton Hall and the Hurlburt Student Center.  Starbucks, located in the College for Humanities and Behavioral Sciences Building, will continue operations during normal business hours.  Please note that dining operations may vary throughout the storm.

  • The Student Recreation and Wellness Center will be open daily from noon to 9 PM.
  • The Game Room located in the Hurlburt Student Center will be open as follows: Thursday and Friday from 11 AM to 11:30 PM; Saturday from 2 PM to 11:30 PM; and Sunday from 2 PM to 11 PM.
  • Young Hall will remain open through card swipe access.
  • All other campus buildings will be closed, and doors will be locked following today’s noon campus closure.

Lot Z and Lot FF are both closed with alternate parking available in Lot U and Lot BF.

If you plan to travel, you are encouraged to check road conditions and local weather before your departure. Road condition information can be found at Virginia 511. Monitor local media for up-to-date weather reports. 

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Sept. 13, 2018 9:30 a.m.

Due to recent rainfall and the potential for more inclement weather, Lot FF will be closed to parking effective today, Thursday Sept. 13 at noon and will remain closed until further notice. Alternate parking is available in Lot U and Lot BF. For assistance locating alternate lots, please refer to the campus map [PDF].  Please plan to move your vehicle out of Lot FF before noon today. A notice will be sent out when parking resumes in Lot FF. If you have any questions, please call Radford University Police Department at 540-831-5500.

This message sent on behalf of the Radford University Police Department

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Sept. 12, 2018 11:30 a.m.

Due to approaching severe weather related to Hurricane Florence and beginning at noon on Thursday, September 13, 2018, classes at Radford University are canceled, and the University is closed.  Classes that begin after 12 PM will not meet, and the University will remain closed through Sunday, September 16, 2018.

Residence halls and dining services will remain open for students throughout the closure. During the campus closure, essential personnel are to report to work. All campus events from September 13, 2018 through September 16, 2018 are canceled, including the Reception for Honors Students and the Momentous Occasion. Both events will be rescheduled for a later date.

Based on the most recent forecast from the National Weather Service, Hurricane Florence will make landfall late Friday evening or early Saturday morning near the North Carolina and South Carolina border. The storm is currently 350 miles in size; therefore, the forecast may change significantly over the coming days.

Please be advised that there is a primary and secondary threat to our local area due to the storm. The primary threat is the impending severe weather, specifically the potential rainfall totals ranging from five to seven inches with the possibility of 10 inches in nearby communities and sustained winds of 15 miles per hour with gusts up to 25 miles per hour. The second threat is localized and river flooding. The projected path of Hurricane Florence is focused west of our area, which will significantly impact river flow and levels.

For students planning to leave campus, please use caution when traveling and let your parent and/or guardian know your plans. Before you depart campus, check travel and weather conditions; have adequate supplies, such as flashlights and water; expect delays; and do not drive over water-covered roadways. For additional emergency-related information, please visit the Virginia Department of Emergency Management website.

In the event of a power outage on campus and/or in the immediate area surrounding campus, the banquet room in the basement of Muse Hall and the Student Recreation and Wellness Center will have generator power, as well as bottled water and charging stations. With a loss of power, food service will only be available in Dalton Dining Hall. On-campus and off-campus students without power are welcome to visit the designated areas in Muse Hall and the Student Recreation and Wellness Center and take advantage of available food service. For those without meal plans, a discounted rate will be available.

For the duration of the storm, the University will provide regular updates on weather conditions and other important information via the University website, University email, Facebook and Twitter. Monitor conditions through local news media as well.

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Sept. 11, 2018 5:15 p.m.

Radford University is monitoring the developing weather situation related to Hurricane Florence, which may impact our area later this week. Earlier this afternoon, University officials met with City of Radford officials to discuss the weather forecast, storm preparations and response efforts.

In order to provide guidance and information to the campus community, this website has been created to share Hurricane Florence updates.  Also, please monitor the Radford University email system and Facebook and Twitter accounts for informational updates. Emergency personnel, facilities personnel and University officials will be on campus for the duration of the storm to provide assistance.

Any and all emergency alerts will be sent utilizing the RU Alert system, and any campus closures and/or service disruptions will be posted on the Radford University homepage and communicated via the email and alert systems. The University will issue an update at approximately 10 a.m. tomorrow (Wednesday, September 12, 2018) with the latest weather forecast and on-going planning efforts.

Please know that the safety of Radford University students, faculty, and staff is our main concern and at the center of our continued efforts to plan for and respond to the storm.

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Radford University's greatest concern is the safety of our students, faculty and staff. The university is actively monitoring Hurricane Florence.  

Emergency and facilities personnel as well as univeristy officials are working diligently to ensure the campus community is informed and prepared for the possibility of heavy rain, high winds, and the loss of utilities.

Any and all emergency alerts including campus closures and/or service disruptions will be sent using the:

  • Radford University email
  • Radford University homepage
  • Radford University Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • RU Alert system (when immediate action needs to be taken)

All members of the Radford University community are encouraged to monitor their university email and follow university social media accounts for updates.  

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In the event classes are cancelled:

  • Campus is not being evacuated.
  • Essential operations will continue.
  • On-campus students are welcome to stay in their residence halls.
  • Dining services will be operating. With a loss of electricity, all dining services will be provided in Dalton Dining Hall.
  • Off-campus students without power or access to food are welcome to campus if road and weather conditions permit.

In the event of loss of electricity to campus:

  • Do not call 911 to report electrical outages.
  • Avoid downed power lines.
  • If traveling in a vehicle, be mindful that traffic lights may not be functional.
  • In the event that sidewalk and street lighting are unavailable, you are encouraged to remain inside and not be outside without appropriate handheld lighting, such as flashlights, and reflective gear in order to ensure that you are visible to traveling vehicles.
  • Dining services will only be available in Dalton Dining Hall. Discounted meals will be available for purchase for those without meal plans.
  • The Student Recreation and Wellness Center and Muse Banquet Hall will have generator power to charge cell phones or other essential devices.  Both locations will be staffed by Radford University personnel and have a limited supply of bottled water available.
  • The e-mail system will continue to operate as servers are powered by generators.
  • Wireless internet will remain operational in some on-campus facilities, however, full coverage will not be available.

The following safeguards have occurred or should occur to ensure technology services remain available:

  • Precautions have been made to ensure campus servers are protected and remain operational.
  • Swipe card secure access into residence halls and other facilities is on back-up power and will be accessible.
  • Students are encouraged to store any important data or files to OneDrive or have a USB device to back-up personal computer files.
  • Cell phones, laptop computers, and other technology devices should be fully charged and ready. Charging stations will be available in the Student Recreation and Wellness Center and Muse Banquet Hall.

Students and their families are encouraged to:

  • Students and their families should communicate with each other about decisions for personal safety based on individual circumstances and preferences.
  • If students and their families determine that leaving a residence hall or apartment is the best decision for safety and comfort, students are encouraged to let their families know their plans and remain in contact with family and/or friends as it pertains to their whereabouts.  If students choose to depart the local area, students are encouraged to travel away from the storm rather than into the storm.

Students are encouraged to:

  • Collect and store in a waterproof bag or container, personal documents such as drivers license, insurance cards, vehicle registration, or prescription labels. Make sure you have possession of all of your important documents and money. If you are an international student, make sure you have your passport and related documents.
  • Have a flashlight and batteries in your residence hall room, apartment, or house.
  • Stay tuned to announcements related to potential parking lot closures and move vehicles as recommended.
  • Make sure the gas tank is filled in your vehicle, as you are able.
  • Have hand sanitizer available.
  • Have bottled water in your residence hall room, apartment, or house.
  • Have some non-perishable food and canned goods that have pull tabs.
  • Have an extra sheet and/or blanket in your residence hall room, apartment, or house.
  • Have comfortable shoes and outerwear available.

Parking Lot closures:

  • Lot Z
  • Lot FF
  • Alternate parking is still available to students in Lot U and Lot BF.