SIM Lab Supplies, Med's, and Equipment Procedure

I. Purpose:

To ensure the appropriate separation and safe use of simulation and actual patient care equipment, supplies, and medications found within the RU Clinical Simulation Center (CSC). 

II. Procedure:

1. Expired medical supplies that have not been opened are often donated for use in the CSC. After use of the expired supplies in simulation, they are discarded appropriately by the CSC to ensure they are not used for actual patient care.

2. No real medications are to be used in the CSC. Medications used are purchased and labeled by the retailer as "Demo" medications. Individual demo medications used in simulation, i.e. pills, tablets, capsules, are placed in small bags and labeled by the CSC staff.

3. All donated expired IV medications – bags or bottles, etc. are emptied of real medications. Empty containers are filled with distilled water to simulate real medication. Additions of non-toxic materials may be made to the containers to attain a more "realistic" appearance.

4. All equipment used in simulation is for CSC use only. The CSC does not loan any equipment to facilities that provide actual patient care. Modifications have been made to the equipment to ensure safe use by CSC educators and learners.

5. Equipment used during standardized patient sessions follows manufacturer’s recommendations.

6. No equipment, supplies, or medications are to be removed from the CSC.

7. All equipment, supplies, and medications are secured within the CSC.