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Action Maymester 2018 Sum I 2018 Sum II 2018 Sum III 2018 Augustmester 2018
Colleges, departments and AA confirm and enter teaching assignments in INB-SIAASGN. March/April March/April March/April March/April March/April
Departments complete entering faculty course assignments in INB-SIAASGN. April 17th April 17th May 29th April 17th May 29th
AA makes FLAC records available in SSB-FLAC for review and update by departments, chairs and deans. April 18th April 18th  May 30th  April 18th May 30th
Deans notify AA records are updated but do not lock records. April 20th April 20th June 1st April 20th June 1st
Deans lock FLAC records. Faculty begins acknowledging contracts through MyRU in Self Service Banner. April 26th April 26th June 7th  April 26th June 7th
Faculty acknowledge contracts. May 10th May 10th June 21st May 10th June 21st

      Classes Begin                                                                     May 14th                 May 14th                June 25th                 May 14th                  July 30th          

Assignment Information

Contract Type Codes:

  • FP - Full-Time T&R Faculty assigned overload assignments
  • PT - Part-Time Adjunct Faculty assigned courses

Position Number:

Contact Academic Budgets & Administration for assistance with the correct position number. (540)831-5261