Student Leadership

Ask personnel managers of both big and small companies or staff from community organizations about what they feel students need to learn in college, and you will hear a common answer: Students need to learn leadership skills. They need to learn leadership skills in college, so that they can help their communities. They also rank a job candidate’s leadership skills as the main factor in hiring.

The development of student leadership skills many times is not part of the academic curriculum, but relegated to activities outside of the classroom.  For example, it is regarded as part of students’ non-academic activities in clubs and organizations, community service projects, and participation in workshops, seminars, conferences that focus on student development.

The Student Leader Resources Office, the LEAD Scholar Program, and the LEAD 110: Emerging Leadership course are three ways in which students can intentionally choose their leadership path while attending Radford University. Students can also find out what recognized clubs and organizations are recognized by Radford University so they can personalize their experiences to their majors.

The following links provide additional information on these programs and services.