Club Programming Committee Survey

Your organization was allocated funds by the Club Programming Committee. Please take a moment to fill out the survey below to assist us in assessing the fund allocation program so we can better serve Radford University's Clubs and Organizations.

Please take a moment to complete the following survey.



Please evaluate the following:

1. Did your club/organization apply for funding for?

2. Were the application and guidelines for funding easily accessible and understood?


3. If your funding allocation was for an on-campus event, how many individuals were in attendance?


4. How did you promote your event?

5. Was any kind of assessment tool used following the event to measure attendee's satisfaction?


6. If your funding allocation was for travel, how many students/faculty/staff traveled?
If not applicable, leave blank.


7. If the travel involved student/faculty/staff presentations please list names of participants and title of presentations.


8. Were awards granted to any student/faculty/staff in relation to the travel? Please indicate award, recipient name and identify as student/faculty/staff.


9. Explain how the travel or event benefited Radford University/and or its students?