Bondurant Auditorium Survey

The staff of Bondurant Auditorium continuously look for ways to improve the quality of our services, facilities, and programs. As a visitor to the auditorium, your feedback is valuable. Please take a moment to complete the following survey.


Facility - Please evaluate the following

1. Cleanliness of facility

2. Cleanliness of restrooms

3. Comfort of seating

4. View of performance

5. Audibility of sound

Supporting Student Staff - Please evaluate the following

6. Dependable and punctual

7. Effectively communicates and listens to needs

8. Displays professional attitude, behavior and respect

9. Knowledgeable of policies, rules and/or equipment operation

10. Willingness to help/work well with others

11. Identifies potential concerns and provides input in resolving the concerns

12. Your overall experience in the Bondurant Auditorium?

13. Tell us about yourself