Criteria to Graduate with Distinction

If you want to graduate as a Scholar-Citizen, you must meet the following requirements:

1.  Apply to join the Scholar-Citizen program by the beginning of your second to last semester at the latest. WE recommend students be in SCI for a minimum of two (2) full semesters in order to graduate as a Scholar-Citizen, and a minimum of four (4) full semesters to graduate as a Scholar-Citizen Fellow (see additional requirements for Scholar-Citizen Fellow after step 6).   However, individual programs may have their own requirements.  Check with your department chair or faculty mentor to see what deadlines apply to you. 

2.  Meet and maintain the following minimum GPA benchmarks, which vary depending upon when you enter the program:  

  • Entering Freshmen – 2.00; Sophomore – 2.25; Junior – 2.50

3. Complete 6 credits of SCI academic work (the equivalent of approximately 2 SCI designated "for credit" experiences) with a B or higher.  Students may contract a course for SCI credit if courses are not offered in their 

4. Complete and document through RUInvolved your semesterly reqirements:

  • a minimum of 5 hours of SCI approved community service/engagement and 
  • attendance at one (1) SCI approved co-curricular event each academic semester enrolled in the program. 

    NOTE: For SCI program credit, you must submit a short reflection (minmimum 150 words) using RUInvolved.  Check RUInvolved and the Upcoming       Events page on the SCI website for a list of available programs. 

5. Develop and maintain an SCI ePortfolio. As you go through the SCI program, you will complete reflections on the various experiences you have. Those reflections form the core of your ePortfolio, as they showcase how you engaged with and learned from your experiences. It is recommended that you attend an ePortfolio feedback session once a semester to map out your plans for going forward and get feedback on your progress.  Your senior year you will complete your ePortfolio with a final reflection and defense.  Seniors are aslo required to present their ePortfolios at the SCI Symposium.    

Download your SCI ePortfolio Overview Handout and your ePortfolio Instructional Handbook.

6.  Complete and submit your Scholar-Citizen Graduation Application one semester prior to your graduation.

If you want to graduate as a Scholar-Citizen Fellow, you must also complete these additional requirements:

7. Facilitate one discussion associated with a SCI approved co-curricular event (contact the SCI office for approval).

8. Mentor other students in their civic and professional development.

9. Design and complete one Tier 3 SCF Intensive Capstone Experience in one of the following areas:

  • Leadership (may intersect with the LEAD Scholars project/program)
  • Applied Research (may intersect with OURS or Honors Capstone for the Honors Academy)
  • Public Service

10. Document each of the above additional requirements in your SCI ePortfolio and include them in your final capstone reflection as part of your ePortfolio.