Types and Tiers

SCI Tiers

Echoing Bloom's taxonomic model, the higher the tier, the greater the intensity of the experience and the more specific the assessment methodology.

There are two broad types of SCI learning experiences: SCI in the Classroom (academic credit-bearing), and SCI Beyond the Classroom (co-curricular non-credit-bearing).  Within these categories are experiences of varying intensity ranging from simple exposure to the goals and learning outcomes of the Scholar-Citizen program (“Tier 1” co-curricular experiences), to advanced opportunities in public service, leadership, and applied research for students pursuing distinction as Scholar-Citizens or Scholar-Citizen Fellows. 

In order to measure the impact of SCI academic and co-curricular experiences over time on student learning and psycho-social development, faculty and experience designers participate in an ongoing assessment process that includes survey research and collection of student works with critical reflections.