The first time an academic or co-curricular learning experience is offered as a Scholar-Citizen intensive or "SCI" experience, the Scholar-Citizen Steering Committee must verify it meets the student learning outcome and program criteria of the Scholar-Citizen program. An application for designation may be initiated with or without a request for funding.

Many courses and co-curricular experiences can be modified to meet the requirements for Scholar-Citizen Intensive ("SCI") designation.  Follow the links below to initiate the online application, or explore the "Benefits" section to learn about why faculty collaborate with the SCI.    

Index of Faculty Online Forms 

Form Type Description Deadline for Application Submission 

SCI in the Classroom New Course Application 

For faculty who wish to have their course or courses SCI designated 

See application

Renewal of Designation 

For renewal of course designation. Renewals are good for one academic year.  

See application