SCI Beyond the Classroom

SCI co-curriculars target three areas of your development:

  1. Leadership,
  2. Reflective Judgment, and
  3. Intercultural Knowledge and Competence.

There are also three “tiers” of SCI co-curriculars.  The first tier supports broad exposure to the learning goals and objectives of the SC program. The second and third tiers are more intense experiences that are often undertaken by students who wish to graduate with distinction as Scholar-Citizens or as Scholar-Citizen Fellows.

Tier 1 

Broadly targeted events such as a campus lecture by nationally known speakers. The morning following a SC event, student attendees receive a short, five-item survey that includes an enhanced comment box encouraging student reflection on the event and its relevance to her or his classroom and lived experiences. 

An example would be our Martin Luther King Day of Service 

Students Volunteer during MLK Service Day

Tier 2

Tier 2 co-curricular events target a specific set of learning outcomes for a specific set of students but are also open to the public. In most cases Tier 2s are either:

  • a SCI designated public event (i.e., a Tier 1) tied to a specific course or courses. These experiences are assessed using a SCI learning experience survey and a critical reflection collected from students enrolled in the associated course or courses; or
  • a faculty-designed travel or service experience: These experiences are assessed using a SCI learning experience survey and a critical reflection is collected from student participants.

A student who wishes to graduate with distinction as a Scholar-Citizen is encouraged to seek out a Tier 2 experience, document the experience in an ePortfolio, and use the experience as an opportunity to create discussion with other students about the impact it has had on her/his self-knowledge and/or understanding of a contemporary issue or problem.

Tier 3

Tier 3 co-curriculars are high-level integrated and intensive learning experiences designed and led by Scholar-Citizen Fellows. An example might be an SCF’s design of an international internship that conforms with one or more SC learning outcomes, an intense applied research experience that conforms to SC learning outcomes, or of a student-led alternative spring break. Designing and successfully completing at least one Tier 3 co-curricular is a requirement for all Scholar-Citizen Fellows. Examples of Tier 3.