Scholar-Citizen Experiences

There are two types of Scholar-Citizen Intensive, or "SCI,"  experiences:

  1. SCI in the classroom (academic, for credit experiences)
  2. SCI beyond the classroom (co-curricular, not-for-credit) 

Within both of these categories are experiences of varying intensity ranging from simple exposure to the goals and mission of the Scholar-Citizen program, to advanced opportunities in public service, leadership, and applied research.

Why SCI?

SCI experiences prepare students for their lives after college by integrating classroom and co-curricular activities that put their intellectual skills to work for the public good and that emphasize collaborative problem-solving, intercultural awareness, and self-reflection. Your record of achievement is showcased in a robust ePortfolio that demonstrates your skills, knowledge, and capabilities to prospective employers, internship providers, and graduate programs. 

Typical SCI “beyond the classroom” opportunities include specially structured internships, international learning experiences, national and international service trips, and leadership development programming.

SCI Taxonomic Pyramid