Student Wellness

Counseling and mental health support services are free and confidential for all currently enrolled RUC students, both undergraduate and graduate. Services include short-term individual counseling, crisis intervention and mental health consultation and referrals.

Counseling needs can include but are not limited to: personal concerns; managing multiple stressors; support with coping strategies and/or behavioral modification plans; increased symptoms of anxiety, depression, or other signs of emotional destress; interpersonal concerns or conflicts; changes in mood or functioning.

You and your counselor will determine an appropriate plan to address your counseling needs.

If you require more specialized services, your counselor may provide a referral to appropriate outside treatment providers.

Initatiating Services
If you are interested in starting services, send an e-mail to or call 540-831-1691 to schedule your first appointment. During your first appointment, you will meet with a clinician for a 30-minute initial consultation where you and the clinician will talk about your concerns and decide on a support plan to address your counseling needs.

Support plans can include:

  • Traditional counseling (50-minutes sessions); 6 to 8 limit sessions
  • Condensed counseling (30-minutes sessions); 12 to 14 limit sessions
  • Referrals to additional student support and advocacy services
  • Community services referrals
  • Crisis intervention and crisis referrals

If a student requires more intensive services or longer-term counseling, local treatment options and potential referrals will be offered.

Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs) at RUC

  • Jessica Prince, Ph.D., LPC; Associate Director for Student Wellness
  • Mary Francis, M.S., LPC; Coordinator of Student Wellness

Community Resources
If you need more immediate assistance regarding mental health support services, please contact:

  • Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare
    Mental Health Crisis Services
    (540) 981-9351

  • Carilion CONNECT
    CONNECT is a confidential, 24-hour emergency evaluation and referral service provided by Carilion Clinic to members of our community. CONNECT is staffed by psychiatric nurses and clinical social workers trained to help people access psychiatric and behavioral medicine support. For support, call 540-981-8181 or toll-    free 800-284-8898.
  • RESPOND Lewis Gale
    (540) 776-1100

Other Student Support Services



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Learn how to register with Accessibility Services.

  • Go to the Accommodation Request form
  • Complete the "Accommodation Request" form
  • Upload documentation if available
  • After completing, click on the "submit" button
  • Students will receive an email confirming submission (if no email is received, contact Accessibility Services at or 540-831-6350 or VP for students who are Deaf/HOH 540-922-1176)

Learn more about general Accessibility Services information and how-to's for faculty, staff and students.

For more information, contact Mary Francis, RUC Accessibility Services Coordinator, at


Student Health Services

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