Appalachian Studies 498

APST 498: Independent Study

Credit Hours: (1-6)

Will vary as topics vary.  See "Independent Study" in current catalog.

No more than a total of nine hours credit from ANTH 492, ANTH 493, ANTH 498, and ANTH 499, may be counted toward the 41 hours for the anthropology minor.  Offered as required.

Independent Study courses are offered by several departments and are designed to permit students to investigate independently specific problems or areas of interest under the direction of a faculty adviser.

An Independent Study course must be approved by the appropriate department curriculum committee and chairperson prior to the deadline for adding courses in the term in which the study is to be undertaken. Independent Study courses may be taken either on a pass-fail basis or for a letter grade.

No student may apply more than six hours of credit for Independent Study toward graduation requirements. A student taking an Independent Study course for honors credit may receive a letter grade for it, providing permission has been received from the director of Honors Programs before registering for the course.

Approved for Graduate Credit: Appropriate requirements for students taking this course for graduate credit will be established by the instructor.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

A proposal for an Independent Study must include a description of the course as the student and faculty adviser have conceived it. Primary and secondary sources of reading should be listed, as well as other kinds of resources to be used by the student, such as videotapes, field recordings, and archival holdings. Details should be provided about the kinds and purposes of writing assignments, field study and collecting, other projects and performances that may be part of the study.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

A proposal for an Independent Study must include a description of how the course will be carried out. The plan should outline the work schedule of the student and the kinds of meetings and other interactions between student and faculty adviser. If other resource people or informants are key elements in the study, the purpose and plan of interactions with them should also be given.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

A proposal for an Independent Study must include a description of the course's goals and objectives, which should reflect what the student will know and/or be able to do as a result of the course. These will vary according to topic and procedure and may focus on both content and process.


Assessment Measures

A proposal for an Independent Study must include a plan for evaluating the student's performance. The assessment activities must be designed to measure student outcomes in the course. Procedures will vary depending on content and process of the study.


Other Course Information

A proposal for an Independent Study must not repeat the content of regularly offered courses. The purpose is to offer the student an opportunity to explore areas not available under the aegis of established courses.


Review and Approval
September 2001 Reviewed by Dr. Grace Toney Edwards, Chair