Statement on Research, Scholarship, and Creative Work in the COVID-19 Era

All full-time T&R (Teaching and Research) faculty at Radford University are expected to maintain a portfolio of research, scholarship and creative work that is commensurate with the expectations of their respective Department/School and College. However, the Academic Affairs Leadership Team (AALT) recognizes that the circumstances of COVID-19 pose special challenges in regards to typical expectations for productivity.

As such, AALT encourages faculty who are facing difficulties with continuation of their research, scholarship and creative work to contact their respective Chair/Directors, Department/School Personnel Committees and Deans to discuss options or strategies that would help them to navigate the path forward. The subsequent conversations can explore expectations, alternatives, and concerns that may then be negotiated, with due consideration for tenure and/or promotion timelines.

AALT also encourages Chairs/Directors and Deans to exercise flexibility, subject to constraints pertaining to accreditation, licensure, and professional expectations of the discipline.

Thank you,

Provost Lyn Lepre on behalf of the AALT