An Important Message from President Brian O. Hemphill, Ph.D. and Vice President for Student Affairs Susan P. Trageser, Ed.D. to RUC Students

Highlanders, together, we can stay healthy! #HealthyHighlanders Radford University

Dear RUC Students:

Radford University is excited to welcome new and returning students as we begin the Fall 2020 semester. We have established very clear expectations that our students, as well as faculty and staff members, will follow the Governor’s Executive Orders related to face coverings and gathering limitations.

The University’s expectations and the Commonwealth’s requirements are not optional. They are critically important to ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of our community. Furthermore, every Highlander has a social responsibility to take all requirements seriously and implement them in all facets of their daily routines.

The University has a no tolerance approach for those who disregard our community’s public health and best interests. We plan to approach the beginning of the semester from an awareness, education, and outreach perspective. However, students with multiple offenses and/or blatant disregard for the health of our campus community will be held responsible. Sanctions could result in a number of actions, including suspension.

We ask that each and every student serves as a positive example for fellow Highlanders and the broader community. We ask that you encourage others to do the same. It will take each and every one of us to keep our University open and operational. If members of our campus community are unwilling to comply with state requirements and public health guidance, the number of COVID-19 confirmed cases will likely increase significantly. This will leave us with no other decision, but to cancel all activities and move instruction to a fully online format.

We know that you may not like wearing a face covering. However, it is required by the Commonwealth of Virginia, and it saves lives! In addition to wearing a face covering, wash your hands frequently and stay home if you are ill. You are encouraged to participate in the “Healthy Highlanders” honor pledge by attesting to your commitment to putting your own health and the health of others first.

We know that you are excited to see old friends and meet new friends, but physical distancing is so important. You are encouraged to find a consistent small group of individuals to spend time with as large gatherings are not permitted.

We must be very clear that students refusing to adhere to public health guidelines and exercise social responsibility will be held accountable. The Division of Student Affairs is available as a resource to help you learn and adjust, as well as discuss accountability.

Again, we are pleased to welcome you back! And, we very much want to remain open and operational with an in-person format. However, our ability to do so is dependent upon the individual behavior of every student, as well as every faculty and staff member. We are asking all members of the Radford family to demonstrate our Highlander values.

With Highlander Pride,
Brian O. Hemphill, Ph.D.

Susan P. Trageser, Ed.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs