COVID-19 Related Update with Critical Information and Important Reminders

Highlanders, together, we can stay healthy! #HealthyHighlanders

We are pleased to welcome each and every student back to Radford University for the Spring 2021 semester! We hope that you had an enjoyable holiday season and a safe semester break. Now that you are returning to the campus community and local area, we want to provide critical information and important reminders due to the global health pandemic and continued spread of COVID-19.

Re-entry Testing
A number of students were selected for re-entry testing. Selected students were sent a testing notification with instructions to their Radford University e-mail addresses. Re-entry testing for selected students is mandatory. If you received a notification and have not tested or made plans to test, this should be a top priority in the coming days as re-entry testing concludes this Saturday (January 16, 2021) at Radford University Carilion in Roanoke and this Sunday (January 17, 2021) on the main campus in Radford.

Statewide Curfew
Late last year, the Governor issued a modified stay at home order from midnight to 5:00 AM. The current order remains in effect until Sunday, January 31, 2021. In accordance with the Governor’s order, all individuals in Virginia must remain at their place of residence during the aforementioned hours with exceptions for obtaining food and goods, traveling to and from work, or seeking medical attention. Violations of this state order may result in disciplinary action under the Standards of Student Conduct. As such, please be mindful of this statewide curfew and encourage your fellow students to do the same.

Gathering Limitation
The Commonwealth of Virginia currently has a gathering limitation of 10 individuals. That limitation must be followed and will be enforced for both on-campus and off-campus activities and events. Consistent with Fall 2020 practices and procedures, violations of the state mandated gathering limitation may result in disciplinary action under the Standards of Student Conduct. As such, please be mindful of the gathering limitation and encourage your fellow students to do the same.

Face Coverings and Physical Distancing
The Commonwealth of Virginia has implemented universal masking requirements, including the continuous wearing of face coverings indoors in both business and school environments unless one is working independently in his or her own area or space. Please note that face coverings should also be worn outside at all times when six feet of physical distancing is not possible around others. As you are on campus, please be mindful of your proximity to others and ensure physical distancing to the greatest extent possible. Masking and distancing requirements will be enforced in all campus facilities and surroundings.

Symptom Tracker
All students are required to complete the Daily Symptom Tracker. Maintaining a daily routine by always responding to these questions first thing in the morning is a good approach to keeping yourself and others safe and healthy. Through the utilization of this tool, students are able to monitor their health on a daily basis. This tool is intended to assist with the consistency of regular health screenings and can serve as a journal for individual Highlanders. The tool is available at and also accessible through the OneCampus portal at

With all of these precautions and requirements in mind, we are looking forward to the beginning of another successful semester. Please remain focused on your health, safety, and well-being and that of others!