Healthy Highlanders

Highlanders, together, we can stay healthy! #HealthyHighlanders Radford University

Highlanders, together, we can stay healthy!  #HealthyHighlanders

All members of the Radford family are invited to participate in the “Healthy Highlanders” honor pledge by attesting to their commitment to putting their own health and the health of others first. 

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Let’s do this together!  

I pledge to do my part to protect and promote the health, safety, and well-being of the campus and the community.  I further pledge to exercise care, compassion, flexibility, integrity, and respect in being a Healthy Highlander by complying with University expectations and Commonwealth requirements. 

I will exercise good hygiene with frequent handwashing.  I will wear a mask in required areas and instances when physical distancing is not possible.  I will make the COVID-19 Symptom Tracking part of my regular routine and complete it on a daily basis.  If I am ill or feeling ill, I will stay home and consult with a healthcare provider as necessary and appropriate.  I will continuously monitor updates from the University regarding operations and requirements, as well as guidance from public health officials.

 Stay healthy, Highlanders