Fall 2021 Semester Operational Plan

Fall 2021 Semester Operational Plan

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Radford University is implementing a vaccine requirement for students attending in-person classes and/or activities. This vaccine requirement is effective with the Fall 2021 semester and must be met prior to students arriving on campus or in the area for the start of the semester as any delayed compliance could pose a significant risk to the immediate campus.

Students enrolled in a fully online program with no in-person engagement or physical presence on campus are not subject to the vaccine requirement as they pose a limited health and safety risk to the immediate campus. Additionally, an exemption process for either a medical or religious reason is available.

For students, both new and returning, taking Fall 2021 classes, all vaccine related documentation, either demonstrated compliance or requested exemption, is required by August 2, 2021. Electronic submissions can be uploaded via a secure Medicat website at https://radford.medicatconnect.com. As an alternative submission process, a paper form can be downloaded, completed, and returned to the University. All submissions must be received by the August 2, 2021 deadline.

Questions regarding the overall process and/or an individual situation can be submitted via e-mail to vaccine@radford.edu. Additionally, the Dean of Students Office can be contacted at (540) 831-6297 for those needing assistance by phone.

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Dear Radford Family:

As we embark on the final weeks of the Spring 2021 semester and prepare for Commencement celebrations to honor the incredible achievements of the Class of 2020 and 2021, Radford University remains sharply focused on the path forward with health, safety, and well-being first and foremost. To date, our path throughout the global health pandemic has been defined by our introduction of and compliance with many health and safety protocols. We have limited gatherings in a concentrated effort to control the spread of COVID-19. Now, as more vaccines are available and being offered to interested individuals, there is a renewed sense of both excitement and hope!

As such, I am pleased to share the Fall 2021 Semester Operational Plan. For the upcoming semester, Radford University will revert to our traditional academic calendar, but we will maintain a majority of the previously implemented protocols, many of which are required by the Commonwealth of Virginia. As the state increases gathering limitations, Radford University will follow for both on-campus and off-campus activities and events. This is especially important as we work to rebuild our strong sense of community, which has been adversely impacted by the pandemic and its many restrictions regarding in-person engagement.

In an effort to ensure that our critical operations can continue without interruption, we will maintain our current level of physical distancing at six feet in classroom and laboratory settings, as well as common areas and meeting spaces, as detailed in the provided plan. This decision was made to ensure that we can continue our important work despite any changes or surges that may take place. This is certainly a reflection of our conservative planning and thoughtful response, which have been points of pride throughout the pandemic!

I want to take this opportunity to thank members of the COVID-19 Working Group. These dedicated individuals have worked tirelessly to ensure our campus is both operating safely and remaining up-to-date on all matters related to the pandemic. This group has been assisted by many departments and offices, which have provided appropriate levels of enforcement and support. And, finally, I must express my sincere appreciation and lasting gratitude to Highlander students, faculty, and staff who excelled in the face of adversity by exhibiting full cooperation, continued flexibility, and unwavering support. For more than a year, we have demonstrated each and every day that Highlanders rise!

With Highlander Pride,

Brian O. Hemphill, Ph.D.

Distributed and posted on April 2, 2021