In time for holiday browsing, the Winter 2017 edition of The Magazine of Radford University is online

While enjoying the holidays and preparing for a new year, catch the Radford campus vibe in the latest edition of The Magazine of Radford University. Meet a unique selection of Radford alumni, students and faculty and explore how they are bringing the Radford experience to life.
In the Winter 2017 edition, you will get to know President Brian O. Hemphill and relive the momentous day in October when he was inaugurated as Radford University’s seventh President. You will connect with Radford alumni across the world and in your neighborhood as well as look inside each of Radford’s colleges, catch up on athletic news and gain insight into life at Radford today.  
Browse the online version of The Magazine of Radford University, winter 2017 edition.

Dec 22, 2016
Don Bowman
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