New Book Examines Impact of Bullying on Community

Joe Jones

Assistant Professor Joseph Jones.

Joseph Jones, an assistant professor of education at Radford University, is the author of an eBook released this month, "Bullying in Schools: A Professional Development for Educators."

The book can be purchased anywhere eBooks are sold.

"Bullying in Schools: A Professional Development for Educators" is written from the perspectives of students, parents, teachers, principals and academics, Jones said.

"The book examines how bullying impacts everyone in the community and provides educators with practical applications for addressing the problem of bullying in their classrooms and schools," he said.

As an eBook, "Bullying in Schools" provides embedded videos to help guide readers through understanding the challenges associated with bullying practices. Each chapter contains questions to further develop educators’ grappling with the issues presented.

Educators, administrators and community leaders reviewed the book, Jones noted, including professors who are his colleagues in the RU's School of Teacher Education and Leadership.

Jennifer Jones, an associate professor at Radford University, described "Bullying in Schools" as a "must-read, thought-provoking text for all teachers, administrators and parents. In fact, I recommend the book for entire communities, as it is sure to spark constructive, meaningful conversations."

She said readers of the book can "experience first-hand accounts of the victims of bullying, witnesses to acts of bullying and the bullies themselves." They can also learn what research has to say about bullying, she said.

"Bullying in Schools" is the second book for Joseph Jones. In 2011, he wrote "Making Safe Places Unsafe: A Discussion of Homophobia with Teachers." The book was published by Kendall Hunt.

In "Making Safe Places Unsafe," Jones discussed problems associated with homophobia, teacher perceptions of homophobia, changes that need to be made when dealing with homophobic issues in the classroom, and students’ reluctance to speak out on issues that affect their daily lives.

Nov 13, 2012
Chad Osborne
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